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  1. tzane
  2. x2mafia
    x2mafia Mrs.x2mafia
    My wife (borat voice)
  3. g-ski
    g-ski LimitedSlip7
    ready to purchase 1 scupper waterbox just need payment info, thanks
  4. skifun
    scientia est potentia
  5. jetskifella
    jetskifella rex1100sn
  6. x2ryder
  7. Andersschroder
    Andersschroder JetManiac
    JM, i busted my crankshaft trying to remove it with a ghetto flywheel puller. i need a new one, rebuilt is fine. superjet 08. Please pm me.
  8. mybad
    mybad bach6177
    Cover is available. Let me know.
  9. Jessethehammer
    Looking for 62t carbs.
  10. 1xxrjxx1
    1xxrjxx1 crazycalito330
    How much do you want for the dual 38's flame arrestor?
  11. x2mafia
  12. Chase Musetti
    Chase Musetti tomski
    I'm interested in your front foothold if you still have some. Price to orlando?
    1. tomski
      Payment info sent.
      Dec 16, 2016
  13. mybad
    Going big
  14. x2mafia
  15. Bryan.wells
  16. skifun
    skifun scootinhooten
    Hi scootinhooten I am interested in buying your jet ski please call or text me at 404 626-7839
  17. Mully74
    Mully74 SmittySX
    How much for the SN factory pipe Waterbox shipped to 27103 (Winston Salem, NC)?
    I've got a PayPal account for payment.
    1. SmittySX
      I don't have a factory pipe waterbox for an SN.
      Dec 1, 2016
  18. shtig
    shtig tom21
    I would like to get some footholds from you, do you have any in stock?
  19. Roachey
    Roachey JetManiac
    I need a b1 driveshaft cut down to an sj length for a backie chan. Unless you got a sj you wanna trade for a b1 shaft either way pm me
  20. Ryan Stewart
    Ryan Stewart tom21
    Hey tom, you made some footholds for my 750sx last year. They were the ones that worked with 25mm padding. Was wondering if you could make another set for my new 1995 Superjet square nose? Let me know when and how i can pay ya.