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  1. WestJet99
    May the build begin!
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  2. Apexlocator
    Buying Trip's Ski!
    1. Captain Chris
      Mar 28, 2017 at 7:12 PM
  3. Apexlocator
  4. et123isme
    et123isme JetManiac
    I am looking for a 701 ada racing head. Not a race gas one though. Can u send me some pricing options?
  5. davidescu_radu
    davidescu_radu holeshot
    Good to know that i can find you here too
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  6. davidescu_radu
    davidescu_radu RMBC Freeride
    Hi! I'm from Romania - and i have found here an Able engine - complete with special ex manifold and dual 46 carbs - plus5 crank on it with stock 125 rods - want to use it on freestyle rickter xfs ninja - what do u think?
    1. RMBC Freeride
      RMBC Freeride
      Talk to @holeshot - he has a large stock of Able engines and the knowlege of how to set up for freestyle ski
      Mar 17, 2017
  7. wavewarrior
    wavewarrior Tevonini
    Call Tunami Jet ski 635-0000. Lester has a very clean 95 kawi at the shop in Rancho at Hwy 50 and sunrise
  8. Bryan.wells
    Bryan.wells JetManiac
    Would like to place an order on a -07 Yamaha drive shaft. Going from a 2014 SJ to an aftermarket hull, so it needs to be the shorter one. please PM me! thanks.
  9. Flatdeck5
    Flatdeck5 KMN
    You still have that b pipe for sale?
    1. KMN
      I do not. I just sold it a few days ago. I better go edit that post.
      Mar 3, 2017
  10. derk
    derk #ZERO
    I am looking for a lightweight flywheel for my SXR. Email me at
  11. 111toybox
    111toybox Kyle Chandler
    Kyle can you give me your measurements for the wave venture rear exhaust outlet you put on your Blaster like from the bottom of the hull and the back of the hull to the rear most hole.

    Thanks a lot
    1. 111toybox
      Or you could just call me 530 228-1798 my name is Steve
      Feb 22, 2017
  12. Rudan
    Rudan Maranello Marine
    What dealer are you dealing with? Maybe there is a chance for me to trade with them.
  13. turboedbug
    turboedbug iangdesign
    Hi iangdesign after a little research it looks like i have aquired your 300sx u built any chance u made a build thread?
  14. BlasterDave
    BlasterDave fatboyktm
    Hey Blake - give me a call or text boss.
  15. kinevac
    kinevac LimitedSlip7
    Interested in getting one of you 3.7 gallon fuel tanks, didn't know if you were doing another run of them anytime soon. Thanks.
  16. Justin Black
    Justin Black sxrchris
    I'm interested in your yamaha pipe. Is this the sizzler pipe ? Any issues or missing parts ? Do you want to calculate shipping or should I ? My zip is 95648
  17. tobyfred
    tobyfred dirkdiggler
    I'm doing a 550/750 engine swap and need to buy an aftermarket exhaust for the 750 engine.
  18. Toyproblem
    Toyproblem rossthaboss11
    Is that video on You Tube? I would like to share it
    1. rossthaboss11
      It is not i believe it's only on Vimeo. By all means please share!
      Feb 21, 2017
  19. Skuzz2006
  20. Jessethehammer
    Can someone please tell me the bolt sizes that hold the pumping on a Yamaha wave blaster one.