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  1. waddlin2
    waddlin2 JetManiac
    I would like to buy some parts. How do get a hold of you?
  2. DirtTOwater96
    BIGRED Z JetManiac
    Do you have any 781 motors available?
  4. mase911j
    mase911j Cody
    Cody, where are you out of? And what would you want for just the motor and not the bed plate, mounts, starter, intake, and head shipped to 23462?

  5. Dekota Job
    Dekota Job JetManiac
    Do you guys sell a pole bracket for my 96 RN to where I can keep my stock pole?
  6. bartremm
    Selling my 1990 650SX
  7. breed6903
    breed6903 SmittySX
    Sorry I just noticed that was a rear tank
  8. FlamingHomer
    FlamingHomer JetManiac
    Looking for full rebuild kit for a 701.
    From crank up.
    82.5 bore currently on one of your freestyle port kits
    Needs a new ada 35cc dome plus oring kit.
    Carbs ok.
    Shipping to Sydney Australia
  9. danthaman916
    danthaman916 TOBY
    Hey Toby! I heard you were the person to talk to for 615 riding. About to move right off the lake near Nashville Shores and want to get into the sport. Any recommendations to get connected with a local group? Don't have a ski, but hoping to buy one in the near future. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. sleeper sx
    sleeper sx JetManiac
    Hey bud, I'm having some issues tuning my dual 44 sbn's on my 95 sxi, motor is fresh, just had a bore, new pro x pistons. 5 mm over bore, new seals and gaskets. The carbs were bought new last season . I literally have no bottom snap.

    Highs 95...
    Lows 120..
    Ns 2.3
    95 gram springs. .

    Thanks for your time.

    You can reach me here or

    209 326 6024 , mario

    Thanks again
  11. 2HIGH4U
    Winters here ride hard Aussie surf rocks
  12. nikoli5148
    nikoli5148 rileym21
    hey man just saw you are in portland. im new to vancouver and was curious where all there is to ride around here? Are you strictly surf or play local ever?
  13. HollaHolla
    HollaHolla tomski
    I'm looking for the one and only TOMSKI FFH. Got a 2014 SJ I'd like to stick it on.

    Let me know how fast you could have one to Nashville please.

    Might be working on footholds and returfing this weekend in Nashville so if able to get it there by Friday Hell YES!! I'm game for 1 day shipping. Cell 615-414-9563
  14. Fro593
    Fro593 JetManiac
    Hi looking for a driveshaft or my 93 superjet. Do you have one?
  15. BEastman
    I can't swim
  16. DirtTOwater96
    New to the love of stand ups. Comeing from my love of dirt bikes and atvs.
  17. rodry
    Rad jetski
  18. Klotzlubemn
    Klotzlubemn alex_hockey
    Hey, give me a shout if you are looking for Klotz. I have some awesome deals on case prices.
  19. Savannahvictor
    Savannahvictor #ZERO
    I don't see where I can PM you. Looking to get a 62t flywheel lighten.
  20. TheBuzzard
    out of controll