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  1. Zero Client
    Zero Client
    Previously ZeroClient
    CARBONX2 tricky1
    Hi. Pricing on the new trim system?
  3. catpower
  4. JetManiac
    JetManiac Tony Waters
    Sent you a message back about the waterbox yesterday.
  5. tew08
    tew08 yamijumpn
    Hey your inbox is full. Want to PM on ski.
  6. Teamkocur
    Teamkocur JetManiac
    Would like a quote for a complete mid shaft and housing assembled for a 1996 waveblaster. How would I order this and pay for this. Thank you.
    1. JetManiac
      Private message/ conversation started with you.
      Dec 18, 2017
  7. Bwood577
    Bwood577 #ZERO
    Looking to get a 750 small pin flywheel lightened. Please PM me and let me know if you are still doing this. Thanks!
  8. blaster800
    blaster800 Wet Dreams
    i need a ski tag !! can ya help ?
    1. Wet Dreams
      Wet Dreams
      Sorry man I no longer offer those.
      Dec 9, 2017
  9. Chris H.
    Chris H. Big Kahuna
    Please delete my account
  10. mlwahler
    mlwahler CD155MX
    Feel free to call me to discuss the fix ski. 716-846-4331
  11. Brew City Freeride -- BCF
    Brew City Freeride -- BCF tom21
    Hello sir I'd like to buy a square nose nose piece
    I'm not on paypal but I can send a check to u before u send the part
    262.951.0012 friend of Kieth spinner
  12. Jcrack29
    Jcrack29 LimitedSlip7
    looking for a lanyard for the gas cap
  13. Sferone
    Sferone #ZERO
    Are you still lightening flywheels? I need 2 done. Let me know please

  14. mxracer262
    mxracer262 JetManiac
    Interested in the black friday deal blue freestyle 61x ported top end. I have some questions, do you have a contact number or is email the best contact
  15. b-rad
    b-rad cookn
    inbox is full ! lol I need inserts for 155 pump for 144 bolts
  16. 123hi
    123hi Nate_D
    Tried to PM on your blaster but your inbox is full. Please PM me.
  17. kraqus
    kraqus tom21
    I see you are not very active in the forum but if you read this I would like to buy a front foothold from you. This will be for my RN and it is the front foothold that has the compartment. I love that design since it allows me to carry tools, rope, registration, etc...
    Let me know, I am ready to buy.
    Thanks man!

  18. Bryan.wells
    Bryan.wells JetManiac
    I'd like a quote on a list of parts, drive shaft, mid shaft, seals etc. please pm me
  19. subnsxr
    subnsxr long beach local
    was that you I spotted from the seal beach pier on sunday? I'm the guy with the matte black superjet w/ RRP pole
    1. long beach local
      long beach local
      Yes I went for a ride Sunday over to surfside with a friend
      Nov 10, 2017
  20. Todd Grochowski.
    Todd Grochowski. speedysprocket
    Hello there, I heard you can lighten the msd total loss flywheel. How must can you lighten them and what do you charge. Thanks