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    Krash RTP Black OPS Carbs

    Is it just me or is that water reallllly blue
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    Ok to run without 1 girdle bolt?

    25min and a helicoil.....
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    WB1 With Turbocharged Spark Engine

    Subscribe this is great!
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    Custom/Hybrid What motor / Pump are they using for jet surfboards ?

    Didnt the old jet surfers use a 300sx power plant? A large SUP should handle that set up.
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    Powder Coating

    air craft striper, Harbour freight powder coating kit and quality high temp powder ftw can bake in your oven at home
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    Wdk rok hull pics

    I had this ski last, what a fantastic paint job, words do it no justice. If you like tribal....its the ski for you.
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    2017 Tigercraft FV-Pro

    Lol did he use bamboo cloth in the layup to compliment that wrap!?
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    Hull Carbon Brawler Freestyle Starter Package -> $3750 and up!

    Ive ridden this hull with a few diffrent setups, it rips almost as hard as it did with a tpe1105. Great seller+++
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    Getting shocked

    If its electrical pulled from a donor those wires could be over 20 years old now....replacr your ground with tinned wire
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    Surfriding Silicone hood seal

    Ooooooooooooooo its so sparkly! Yes its my 50cal. The latch is not the problem, it sealed great for 5 tanks or so but now its just not as snug. Yes i did the dollar test at the time of assembly and she was snug all around. Now its no go. It looks like the way to do it is just pour enough to...
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    Surfriding Silicone hood seal

    Already ordered some, i still need to ride while i figure out a better solution
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    Surfriding Silicone hood seal

    Whos done one, what tips and advise do you have and what silicone did you use/did you like the result? Was thinking of using pool gap sealer, the real soft stuff. Might just pour in and compress enough without sitting the hood on while it cures.
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    Santa Came Early!

    Art put me right on the button with my setup. Hardly had to play with adjusters
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    Krash 50cal build

    Lol they're all a real pain. If you got the same spring I needs to be cut to fit. There is a cupped post on the bracket that it rests into and a hole in the lower pole section it slides into. Cut and check or text Chris and ask how to fit it. If yours is already correct it's really...
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    9/15 with 148 setback pump no bottom end

    ......can ones pipe be too wet?
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