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  • Hopefully around April or so. I doubt i'll have it done for the first ride of the season.
    Couldnt tell ya, I havent ridden it yet, lol. My motor is with Tim at Zforceracing for a full port job and assembly. Art has my dual 46s turning them into BJs and I still gotta get a few other parts like reeds, a mod chamber, and a few total loss parts. Its got the pump mod and I got a hooker 9/15 in there, it should be pretty nasty. Well, I hope so anyways. What are you riding these days son?
    Yes im in floriduh, but it gets in the 20s quite often during the coldest part, even the teens from time to time. Ive even seen single digits and sleet with ice on the bayou. Plus it stays wet and damp so you feel it in your bones. It sucks here during the winter b/c its cold as hell but no snow to play with.
    Bull$hit! It gets cold where im at too. Well if you consider the 20s cold, lol.
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