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    Stinger and fuel tank spacing

    I did this with a brand new Cold Fusion tank as BK suggested, worked perfectly and was not scary in the least. I pulled the tank, drained it, and then let it sit for a while. Next I used a heat gun to warm the tank in the selected area, then used a piece of PVC to push in the spot I heated...
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    SOLD (Blowout! $2000) Project Dancefloor (91 custom Superjet, wide tray, toe hold, tubbies, chop)

    Where'd that other SN come from?!? Iv'e been looking EVERY DAY for 6 months and can't find anything. Where are you people finding this stuff?
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    WTB 1994-1995 Yamaha Hull

    I PM'd him and asked in this thread but never got a response... I don't know if I said something wrong or what. I'm still avidly looking for a hull! Somebody has one laying around, come on :p
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    New Billet RN Pole to SN Conversion Bracket "Hazard Bracket"

    Yeah I would buy one of these also, wish I had seen it sooner!
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    Best Jet-Ski Shoes

    Maybe ballet slippers? :p
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    Best Jet-Ski Shoes

    They are surprisingly good quality. The girl at the warehouse said they warranty shoes at their discretion, but that’s not a common problem. I bought myself 2 pair because I’ve seen too many awesome companies like this sell out, change ownership like adidas or some garbage and then the sizing...
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    1995 sea-doo hx

    I'll buy that FX1 and come get it right now...
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    Best Sj engine mounts

    More torque on the mounts themselves! I see. Engine is the same weight but it’s trying to move more weight overall so it would probably be putting more stress on the mounts trying to hold the engine in place.
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    Best Sj engine mounts

    Ive heard this a few times, why are they "beefier" engines were about the same size right?
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    Roll Call and Site Map Corona Freeride!!!!!!!

    Yeah I talked to my brother and he said he TRIED to get P18 and P20 but he couldn't. I was mistaken and it was a miscommunication, he did however book P12 and P14 that are next to my P16
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    Roll Call and Site Map Corona Freeride!!!!!!!

    Maybe we will all be singing coom-by-yah together in 2 campsites haha
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    WTB SN SuperJet

    Squarenose price range haha. But I am looking for something to build myself, (gut the tray, re-foam, shortened, rockered, bigbore, 148 set back, trim) I have it all planned out in my head :cool:
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    Roll Call and Site Map Corona Freeride!!!!!!!

    Thats weird, we already booked P20 a couple weeks ago... I was already skeptical of how well they were keeping track of these bookings. No big deal though we can probably share that space, but I will call and see what's going on with this!
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