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    2008 Superjet (Basketcase part2)

    who painted the motor and the exhaust Seadoo 717 white? look at all that rust.. that guy basically rode it when he could and put it away as is.. Glad you're getting it back and giving it a new lease on life.
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    Super Jet Getting Back in the Game

    what a freaking nightmare. At least you know youre doing it right!
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    Custom/Hybrid Thrust Ez Drain Install-2015 Rickter XFS

    also, i took the ski out for the first time saturday, loved it.. I'm just hoping that i truly didnt puncture that blue tube while tapping that hourglass in.. there were only a small amount of blue skin shards inside the tube that i cleaned out. Im just hoping theres not a puncture that is slowly...
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    Custom/Hybrid Thrust Ez Drain Install-2015 Rickter XFS

    LOL that's crazy, I just looked at the time you wrote back.. I was literally installing it at that time... all in all, it went well, ran into a few little issues here and there. 1-I made sure the hood was off and fully vented while i used heat bc the ski is a complete ski, and i was having bad...
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    Custom/Hybrid Thrust Ez Drain Install-2015 Rickter XFS

    @stonge219 hey, I will be installing one this coming weekend. When you say it is press fit, do not hit it in all the way, how far are you actually tapping it in? the end cap does NOT snap onto the end of the hourglass, correct? in other words the end cap wont touch the hourglass when epoxied in...
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    This Old Rickter

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    Rickter EDGE FS Carbon look $5750 SHIPPED

    Does it come with a title/MSO?
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    Krash Predator

    ok cool thanks.
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    Krash Predator

    no I get it.. Mainly just making sure there's no chunks or delamination or serious stress cracks or hull integrity issues. you also said all hull inserts are in good shape. are there ANY that are questionable? thanks again
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    Krash Predator

    Matt, the problem is,I'm a perfectionist, meaning whatever condition it is in, I have to mint it out lol. can you send some more detailed pics? (like of the hull bottom, pump area, any stress cracks or very noticeable chips, etc... also this will be plug and play with a 62T B pipe setup? THANKS!
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