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    Freestyle TPE now DASA?

    I second this notion
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    Part Out Full eme roid part out

    What are your prices for the various items?
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    PhoeToe PhfreyeDhaye

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    Phantom hull

    Amazing deal here that @Steve pwc has.
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    How to get that smooth epoxy/fiberglass finish?

    I would highly recommend looking into vacuum bagging. I've dipped my toes into the waters a bit on the last few repairs I've done and have been overwhelmed with the finish product compared to normal wet layup. It feels like cheating almost. Next step beyond that is like what @hink320 said...
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    Freestyle To TL or not to TL...

    Much appreciated gentleman
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    Recommended bearing service life

    I'm a big can of bearing packers. Makes the job a little quicker and easier.
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    Super Jet Mysterious R&D intake manifold

    And here I thought all manifold spacing was the same. @TheBuzzard where did you find yourself the smaller head nuts?
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    POLL: Best carbs for ported 701-760?

    But why are you yelling?
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    Superfreak Badass -4.3

    Dr. @Jr. can you prescribe him some ride time medication to clear up this chronic confusion?
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    Superfreak Badass -4.3

    Wow. A lot of work went into this ski that the future owner will benefit from.
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    WTB: TPE 964

    I might be interested in that when the time comes. I'm w/in driving distance too.
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    superfreak circus

    Dam that would look good behind my truck. Same color I think.
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    2018 Superjet

    @mikidymac and @mbrick well said both of you. Maybe we'll get luck and end up with a rational governor here pretty soon.
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