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  • Just checking to see if there is any chance you might still have that R&D 750 pipe? I know it is crazy to ask, but you never know! PM Me Please!
    Hey bro I live up in alaska and have been looking for a dry pipe for my octane for years now. Is there any way you would be willing to sell your dry pipe to me? Or is there any way you could find me one? Or direct me to someone that would have one?
    Please email me at dustincarlinak@gmail.com or post a message on x-h2o
    Where in West michigan are you? i was at river ridge a couple weeks ago and i swear i saw your ski and a sxr in the back of a ram? idk if that was you or not
    Hey, I do not have those carbs anymore. Sold them last fall. But I did pick up an octane in West Michigan. Did you ever find any Mikuni's? I am looking to get some better carbs for mine, just wondering what you think is the best setup for for the money. Is there a dual mikuni intake manifold available for the polaris 777?
    You still got those 46mm carbs? looking for a set for my octane let me know
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