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  • Thanks, I will prob end up doing mine this winter. I wont be able to make it down again this year, I am house hunting since I have another little guy on the way. I told the wife I would put the ski up for a few months so I can focus on that instead. Its a bummer though since I finally got all the bugs worked out of the ski and started making some progress on BR's. Cant wait till next summer, Im determined to land one, or at least get past my head lol.
    Tony that FP 750 pipe looks great polished, did you have it done or do it your self? I polished my old FP mod pipe but it was pita since the last owner used 60 grit to get the paint off lol. I would rather pay some one to do it with a wheel than kill my fingers with hours of hand polishing again.
    Hey Tony i put some pics of my X2 engine up on my page if you wanna take a look , but i still got more pics to post up later this week end ok .
    can you post it to my wall on my page ?? im new to the H20 and i just made a Name yesterday i don't why it's full already i only have 2 messages in there lol
    hey fast tony I'm new to X h20 and i got a x 2 kawee 650 that i picked up as a basket case lol needed a lot of work , already got over a 100 man hours on her and she is almost done now thank god lol but how good are u with the X 2 ?? i'm a motor junkie and i was trying to save my self some time with the wiring , do you know of any where i can get a wiring DioGram from on line for free ?? or could u help me out on the color codes ?? i dont want to FRY any thing lol you know my biggest thing is the Voltege regulater dont know what wires do what i know there is not much wires in this thing but trying to save time on what is what know what i mean lol , i got some video of the x2 on youtube of it when i was rippin it apart one is called the restore of my kawasaki x2 , from youtube user name 669banshee but yes IF you could help me out that would be AWESOME !!
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