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    Custom/Hybrid HPE819 tuning help

    I have 2 of them. I run one with 125L 115H 95 Gram spring and 2.3 N/S. The other is at 125 main and 120l with a 1.5 N/S and 65 gram spring. The motor with the 2.3 N/S is crisper. These are right from Matt at HPE.
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    Other Virus Nonsense

    The best example of our worl That generation was definitely the greatest of all time. No question. We could all learn from there sacrifice.
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    Factory Pipe SJ limited chamber for mod chamber.

    Looking to trade my SJ limited chamber for a mod chamber. Its hitting the tank in my tigercraft and I physically can't move the tank back any farther due to the strap hooks. Only has around 5 hours on it. Has some water spots and a few scratches on bottom were the hit the bed plates when...
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    Want to Buy HPE motor

    I have 2 HPE 4 Mils and one is approaching 250 hard hours. Definitely recommend.
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    WTB Yamaha 144MM Trim System

    Looking for a used reasonably priced Yami 144MM system. Paypal ready. I figure someone moved up to a 155 and has one laying around.
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    found one

    I have a few.
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    SXR800 Skat Setback Pump

    I am taking my EME back to a Yamaha pump setup and this needs to go. 145MM setback Skat pump with drive shaft. Splines show some wear, but definitely usable. Prop is either an 11/17 or 12/17, i can't remember. Prop and wear ring have a few dings, but nothing I wouldn't consider normal wear. The...
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    Riva Yamaha 701 adjustable CDI.

    Sorry. One of my MSDs went out and i had to use it. Seems to work exactly the same as the MSD.
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    701 61x sbt brand new overheating blown head gaskit

    Make sure cooling line is connected at pump. Easy to overlook the obvious.
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    Riva Yamaha 701 adjustable CDI.

    Came in a older VXR pro I parted. Ski started and ran on hose, but i never had ski on the water. Looks clean. No cut wires. $100 shipped.
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    Waveblaster Factory Pipe Mod $800

    No. I see there bring about a grand these days. Unbelievable.
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    1997 Superjet

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    1997 Superjet

    Very clean original 1997 Yamaha Superjet. Completely gone through over the winter. Rebuilt engine. Replaced midshaft housing and stator section in pump. Top deck is near mint other than a few spider cracks in gelcoat around bow eye. Bottom has normal wear with no cracks or gouges. Had it out...
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    Flywheel and stator

    I have a nice 61X flywheel/Stator. Tested. $115 shipped.
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