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  • Hey I need some gaskets do u have a kit or sell them individually? I need carb gaskets I’m running 44ss instead of 38s, I need the intake manifold gasket and the reed block gaskets for the case also. Please Pm me pp ready!
    JetManiac: Wondering if you have any Yamaha super jet engine cores preferably a 760 or 800. Or point me in the right direction. Thank you!
    Connor Schuster 7015094178
    JetManiac: I don't want you to rebuild the intermediate shaft housing for the 1994 Superjet. The rubber is rotting and pulling away from the aluminum housing. Can I buy a complete new oem unit from you? If so, how much?

    Or do I send you my intermediate shaft housing and you rebuild the unit by using a new oem housing and my current intermediate shaft and the coupler? How much?

    Tim Hodgson
    916 599 1844
    Hey ! Would you have a Worx 201 grate for sale ? Thanks (you saved me last year with a dead stator)..Casey
    Yes, in stock, message sent, check your inbox.
    I would like to buy an OEM JM rebuilt starter for Yamaha 701 185 dollar and Cold Fusion FX style ebox mount 42 dollar.
    Can you send me a PM.
    Best regards Robin
    Looking for a set of yamaha couch mounts for my V2X and some fuel filters, shipped to Maine.
    Hi Criss , i need a price on a msd enhancer for 701 and a 144 impeller 9-15 swirl shipped to Canada j8n0a7
    Would like a quote for a complete mid shaft and housing assembled for a 1996 waveblaster. How would I order this and pay for this. Thank you.
    Private message/ conversation started with you.
    Interested in the black friday deal blue freestyle 61x ported top end. I have some questions, do you have a contact number or is email the best contact
    Hey Jet, can you pm a quote for a steering cable and midshaft for a Rickter XFR shipped to 97229? Also, let me know what email to paypal you at. Thank you!
    If I kept my stock head on my 95WB1, single carb, 61X, do you know what I can mill it down to for higher compression or maybe just a gasket change?
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