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  • Would like a quote for a complete mid shaft and housing assembled for a 1996 waveblaster. How would I order this and pay for this. Thank you.
    Private message/ conversation started with you.
    Interested in the black friday deal blue freestyle 61x ported top end. I have some questions, do you have a contact number or is email the best contact
    Hey Jet, can you pm a quote for a steering cable and midshaft for a Rickter XFR shipped to 97229? Also, let me know what email to paypal you at. Thank you!
    If I kept my stock head on my 95WB1, single carb, 61X, do you know what I can mill it down to for higher compression or maybe just a gasket change?
    I bought a 718 a few years ago, its been a great motor. I was wondering what it would take to turn it into a bb?
    Looking for full rebuild kit for a 701.
    From crank up.
    82.5 bore currently on one of your freestyle port kits
    Needs a new ada 35cc dome plus oring kit.
    Carbs ok.
    Shipping to Sydney Australia
    Hey bud, I'm having some issues tuning my dual 44 sbn's on my 95 sxi, motor is fresh, just had a bore, new pro x pistons. 5 mm over bore, new seals and gaskets. The carbs were bought new last season . I literally have no bottom snap.

    Highs 95...
    Lows 120..
    Ns 2.3
    95 gram springs. .

    Thanks for your time.

    You can reach me here or

    209 326 6024 , mario

    Thanks again
    Hey hows it going. How much for a skat trak 155 Non setback stator section not assembled. I can have roland do it
    Would like to place an order on a -07 Yamaha drive shaft. Going from a 2014 SJ to an aftermarket hull, so it needs to be the shorter one. please PM me! thanks.
    JM, i busted my crankshaft trying to remove it with a ghetto flywheel puller. i need a new one, rebuilt is fine. superjet 08. Please pm me.
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