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  • nice profile pic, I am after your limiting ropes. two of them with hardeware. Can we make a deal shipped 50 bones? I also have a superjet with stock steering and stock nozzle rideplate. What would you recommend on an upgrade? I mean there is alot of play between left and right. I also have an sxr stock steering system too. I just got em both. help me out if you would with a suggestion.
    thanks jeff The colors I don/t care about on the ropes.
    hey man, sorry ive been a bad friend and not made it out to ride yet this summer. work hasn't let me go more then a day at a time. i just hope i get out there before all the nice summer weather is gone.
    hope you and sherry are doing well and i miss all you guys!!
    ha, thats funny. Thing got me stitches already but im lovin it. have fun with the SJ. peace
    i had a great time friday!! thanks don, sherry and chris for the hospitality you showed me while i was there. i think i may be coming back in a month or so after i get my engine rebuilt. Friday was apparently the last ride on that engine i just didnt find it until i got home. Take care
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