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    WTB Factory Dry Pipe Type 9

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    WTB Factory Dry Pipe Type 9

    I have a type 8. No cranks. Was asking $750 + ship. Make an offer? John
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    2015 superjet slow cranking

    I do this while trying to "grind" the starter into a 2x4 piece of wood clamped into my vise. Try to stop the starter. A good strong starter will NOT stop, and will just grind into the wood. Starters do go bad, and will crank slow when doing so. (Even OE Yamaha ones) Could also be incorrect...
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    New ON SALE NOW - EME Roid Carbon mix freestyle Hulls

    **NEW** EME Roid Jet Ski Freestyle Hull. EME is "Eric Malone Enterprises" world champion freestyle competitor, and hull builder. I have three hulls in stock here to choose from, Yellow With black graphics, Black with white graphics, and White with Black graphics. These are all brand new...
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    62t crank case

    Good, clean, freshwater cases here, $200 + ship Dual 38mm carbs, freshwater $250. Would rebuild as they have been sitting. For payment I take Visa and Master Card. John
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    Freestyle DrySuit

    Made to order, Watcon drysuit. Booties on the feet to keep you warm. ( I wear socks) Only moisture I get is typically from sweat.
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    Reed petals disintegrating

    Bad reeds can cause a lean condition, as your fuel / air mixture will go back into the intake and up the carb. Your reeds definitely need replacing, but I am not sure that is your poor running issue. Yours look like they are just beginning to go bad.
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    Works 205

    I have both here, new if you cannot find used.
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    I don't have them listed on my site, but I have both types (SJ replacement and universal) available here, new. John
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    sbt head gasket issues

    Is the top of your cyl flat? We have seen the sleeve move up in the cyl. I will say though, I do not use SBT anything.
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    First time freestyle build

    We have been building RIODS, and there is NOTHING wrong with them. The build is easy. Much better than many other freestyle hulls I have seen. I will say, I have only seen one Micro and Q8 and I did not build those, so cannot comment.
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    First time freestyle build

    Which side of Lake MI on you on? I am in WI, we have EME Roid hulls in stock (And on sale) also a Rickter Dealer. What are your end goals? Flatwater Flip? Boat wave flip? Free Ride? Let me know if I can help. John
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    New Cold Fusion / Weber Billet throttles on sale

    Yes they do have the throttle stop adjustment.
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    New Cold Fusion / Weber Billet throttles on sale

    Billet Cold Fusion / Weber throttles on sale. Normally $80, now $70 + ship. Both silver, and black. 6mm threads for Yamaha (No cable adapter needed) and 10mm threads for Kawasaki. John
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    New F.S. New WORX INtake Scoop Polaris Octane

    Worx intake scoop Polaris Octane, increase water flow, and reduce cavatation. Also increases control, and turning capability, with little to no loss in top speed. New, original retail was $200, sale price $175 + ship
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