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    Beach tote

    New Aqua Cart here $588 + ship
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    Remove flame arrestor, Disconnect fuel lines, and cables. Use a 12mm stubby wrench and remove four nuts holding carb base to intake.
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    WTB 144 Mag Pump

    All available here, new.... Please know we address the issues with Solas pumps here at no charge if you purchase from us. ($85 value) Hooker impellers, Solas Mag pumps, bearing kits, both drive, and mid shafts. Can build for you and send out complete if you want.
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    Superjet Longer Steering Options

    This is the steer plate bearing mount kit;
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    Superjet Longer Steering Options

    I do no t know off the top of my head, but Ours is the same as UMI, RRP, etc, and I am pretty sure same as what you have there. If you want, call me at the shop monday 608-743-1305 and I can measure for you. Or send me an email and I will reply Monday when I am in the shop.
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    Superjet Longer Steering Options
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    Anyone run 62T cyl in superjet?

    62t can/will run very well....
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    (Yamaha 650 cases with different intake ports welded on)

    This was a popular mod back in the day, like stated before 62t cases. RIVA did these, but used Kaw 750 reeds, intake, etc. Looks like this may be a home done one, obviously the reeds are now Kaw 750. At 1st I also thought it is some kind of Polaris, as the reed cage has a rubber gasket built...
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    SN midshaft mod to RN?

    OE is discontinued, and no longer available. Ours are aftermarket. You are correct there is A LOT of junk out there though.. aftermarket wise. Like stated above, I have been using these in builds for years. We do many SN SJ's here. I do not sell anything I do not use here... I will say -...
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    Stock intake box for single SBN 44

    I have some here, $45 + s&h. Nice shape. For payment I take Visa and Master Card. you can order at my site here, or call my shop and I can take payment over the phone.
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    Super Jet Broken motor mount fix?

    Replace it. Honestly, you should probably do all four.
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    440 ebox and parts

    What year 440? I just got an 84 550 in, we are going to break down for parts. Currently it is complete, everything is there, and it is stock. Send me an email if interested.
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    SN midshaft mod to RN?

    Why not just buy new? Correct, no need for adapters, drilling/moding your hull, etc. We have been using these for years, with great results...….
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    Best pipe on 750 stroker conversion

    Yup, you're right.... and I am senile.....
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    Coil question

    You should see a rise at your battery, but you do need to revit it up. Sounds like you have a bad rectifier. Not uncommon.
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