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  • Mark I'm getting ready to completely redo my 550 wanted to know where you got the tubbies and if they make a noticeable difference
    Hey Mark thanks for the add! I will be going to the world finals on the 7th, let me know if you wanna grab some pizza at the bridge!
    made this post in your new thread, but the mods are playing with my posts and deleting them (if this doesn't work, I'll just you an offsite email or text, lol).

    That looks really nice Mark.

    The second photo by Ludo is one of my favorite air shots now, simply magnificent!
    Hey Mark! How are you?
    I need x2 650 cradle..
    Also can you send mtoupie x2 parts for sale please.
    Hey Mark, I was at the US Open this summer and thought it would be a good idea to maybe try and have the O Side guys put on a demo. I think it would really help the sport. What are your thoughts on possibly setting this up with the promoter?
    I actually do run a pole spring I used the stock one but I have a Rick roy dual breather bracket so i had to drill a hole way off to the right and use the RRP spring tensioner. Thats the way I ran my pole at surf slam and I am riding much better now with the loose pole. Havent let both hands off yet so I might adjust when I stop holding onto the bars in the air but again for now its great having that light pole.
    Mark do you run a pole spring and if so which one is best for the AC Pole. It seem's that pole spring's are more popular for the flatwater/racer's and not so much for freeride/surf guy's.??
    The teflon is holding up good, even after a year. I posted some pic of my motor the other day after I pulled it out. Teflon has been on a year now and seems to be holding up damn good, even at the motor mounts.
    I have a bilge and a scupper, but I need that limiting strap and tow rope..
    Hey its nick are you going riding friday
    Hi my name is Nick and I am 19 and I live in Orange, CA. I have been doing freestyle the past year and I am looking for some people to ride with in the area. I usually ride at Long Beach or in Havasu, never been riding in oceanside but im willing to go every weekend. The people I ride with are not too into freestyle too much. thanks alot
    hello, My name is keith, i live on the river in bullhead city,az. Years ago joe kenny and the gang ( 4 yamaha factory riders ) invited me to ride with them in o-side, i did and it was awesome. Anyway, I miss the ocean and i will be coming out there soon. I would really apreciate it if you could help me with advice.
    - I want to buy or make a camera mount for my ski identical to yours, sell me one or take a picture of yours, there is one on this forum on a yellow ski but i think yours is probubly better, also what helmet is the best one to use, and help with handling mods please
    my cell is 9282196049
    hope to here from you
    p.s. your riding is AWESOME, very inspiring.
    hey man i talked to larry at the shop and hes saving me a pjs waterbox for my 650 just wondering if you guys still have it ?
    hey man idk if my other thing went thru new to this site so dont know the odds and ends yet but ya i hear i need an sj big time! i rode a friends this past memorial day wknd and it kicked ass dual carb b pipe sj that was badassss. trying to find an sj for cheap right now
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