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    Underwater Krash

    It was in the way of my tank so I cut it off!
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    Underwater Krash

    I know!! I had planned to post more....
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    Underwater Krash

    I ride my ski in the surf with a CF tank and the bolt hit my tank! so instead of risking my tank I eliminated the bolt!
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    Underwater Krash

    Yes it’s does! I have a 50cal and have had to eliminate many issues! I cut the front hood lock system off and installed two straps one both sides of the hood! Also installed large breather tubes to reduce water coming in from bottom of the pole!
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    Used 2018 Krash Predator closeout sale

    Payment plans?
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    Krash Predator hull

    Would you take payments considering you have had it for so long?
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    Underwater Krash

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    1500 made , how many left... ?

    Biggest regret I have is sell selling my FX1!
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    Handle pole 91 superjet

    I have oem pole I would sell you PM me if interested I’m in so cal!
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    Ocho krash versa plug review

    Got it!! Best money I have spent lately!
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    Ocho krash versa plug review

    Where did you order yours from??
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    Ocho krash versa plug review

    I need to install one my 50 Cal instantly fills with water!
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    Value of a 1995 FX1

    Sold my bone stock FX1 for 1400! Biggest regret!! I loved that ski great for flat water and even surf ridding!!
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    Krash Industries Starter Kits

    Had to make room for my CF tank and mounting additional Hood straps! Love this post I can fix all the problems with my ski before I ride it! Good luck to those that buy the KV999!
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    Krash Flatwater 50 Cal Footrocket Review

    I have had similar Issues! My advice would be to buy a hull and build it yourself! That was the reason I went with the stage 2 kit, I couldn't build one cheaper! A lot of cutting and drilling going on in my garage!
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