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    Full aero precision ar

    It’s been great might sell it in the future to Become another ski or project
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    Full aero precision ar

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    Want to Buy Superjet or sxr

    Details on the 1500 please
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    Want to Buy Superjet or sxr

    What do you have pm me some info please
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    Want to Buy Superjet or sxr

    I’m looking for two standups, what’s out there that’s not listed that someone might want to sell
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    What's your view look like today?

    My view the last few days
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    2002 Superjet - SOLD

    Pm sent
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    my 650sx

    how did you paint that?
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    sn resurrection part 1

    so heres the deal, i parted my ski out last fall and got ride of a great set up, but i still have my 95 sn hull, hood, and pole. so im planning on building up the hull by reinforcing it, doing the stutty hood mod, re foaming. should be a nice hull in the end, but as of right now its a pile of...
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    thinking on buying a new sxr 800 this spring, good ski or what coming from a 701 sn with a dry pipe.
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    sxr or sj?

    buy a superjet... lol yah middle channel is fun.
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    what will prevent a constant spark besides coil?

    check your s/s switch thats what mine did till mouth had me check the s/s. start easy then go deep
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    huge problem carb

    no its closed thats what i dont get. could it be closed to the wrong side?
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    huge problem carb

    brand new
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    huge problem carb

    how come i have to hold it wide open to get it to idle
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