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    Zxi 900 motor swap to an x2

    we have a build thread on pwc for the 1100 we put in, ther is tons of info....great project but significantly changes the handeling
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    Custom/Hybrid Mini Monster

    that s..... go high bro ?
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    Used PFP WATERBOX $ 100 and more

    Waterbox sold....
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    PSA vs glueing turf

    i always use the contact cement regardless if u want it done right .....
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    New SXR 800 WORX WR 222 intake grate new $ 100

    SXR 800 WORX WR 222 intake grate new $ 100 + Shipping @ Blowsion for $ 182 NEW
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    Used PFP WATERBOX $ 100 and more

    RRP footholds sold, bob footholds pending payment hurricane comp footholds water box still available
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    Used PFP WATERBOX $ 100 and more

    sorry been gone for a couple of days... will not seperate the RRP footholds they come as pictured with the plates its a great deal , pending prickster payment the waterbox is older style PFP with 2 inch top opening and 2.5 inch bottom opening it was run with 900R ... bob comp and bob standard...
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    Used PFP WATERBOX $ 100 and more

    Final clean out of parts .... PFP Water box $ 100 RRP used $ 200 Black SOLD Hurricane/BOB comp $ 150 Black White REDUCED $ 100 Hurricane/BOB $ 100 White SOLD All foot folds combo package $ 400 free ship on combo only More parts...
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    WTT Hooker for Hooker

    i might have one left over exact size.....I will look and get back to you
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    New WTB: beach cart tires.

    i have used and new flat ones for sand from jet lift no rims $ 30 pair used and $ 60 pair new ....can deliver to Havasu pm me if your interested
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    Fiberglass Hand holds u can heat these up and mold them to fit the Square nose hood going across the hood indention , liner will have to be removed .... the product does not exist with blowsion anymore but u might find it somewhere else
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    Question about swapping a Yamaha 760 into my 1990 SN Superjet

    utilize either 5 finger couplers on both sides or 3 finger couplers on both sides remove the mid shaft , remove the coupler with from the midshaft stock air box I assume u mean the stick flame arrestor box for dual 44's ? would suggest to run aftermarket flame arrestors anyway couple of...
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    Hood Breathability

    what size engine u run ? , what hull do you have ? , what pole system ?
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    amatuer winning xscream 900r

    solid seller , proven performance engine....
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