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    why do these helmets have these insane chin lengths... ?
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    Used Hurricane COMP FOOTHOLDS $ 80

    nope, never used them....sorry
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    then u would be un-cool
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    Used Hurricane COMP FOOTHOLDS $ 80

    TTT need them sold
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    Stupid rangers

    technically the pump should not leave the water..... Maybe if u take the time to explain what you are doing why you are doing it ( competition rider etc ) and educate them that you are actualy a much more advanced and careful rider than the average drunk joe .......
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    Trim question

    Yamaha waver aider ,trim will never pull while your on the gas , u let go of gas , then pull trim then hit the gas... otherwise you are working against the force of the water shooting out by attempting to direct it into the desired direction
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    SJ reserve runs fine ON leans out

    how full was your tank when u tested this ? what where u doing when u rode last ? like a bunch of subs ? fountains ? my guess at this point would be A) u got water in your tank ....drain refill with fresh B) fuel selector or pick up defect or clogged...take of line blow thru make sure its open
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    Zxi 900 motor swap to an x2

    we have a build thread on pwc for the 1100 we put in, ther is tons of info....great project but significantly changes the handeling
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    Custom/Hybrid Mini Monster

    that s..... go high bro ?
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    Used Hurricane COMP FOOTHOLDS $ 80

    Waterbox sold....
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    PSA vs glueing turf

    i always use the contact cement regardless if u want it done right .....
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    New SXR 800 WORX WR 222 intake grate new $ 100

    SXR 800 WORX WR 222 intake grate new $ 100 + Shipping @ Blowsion for $ 182 NEW
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    Used Hurricane COMP FOOTHOLDS $ 80

    RRP footholds sold, bob footholds pending payment hurricane comp footholds water box still available
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    Used Hurricane COMP FOOTHOLDS $ 80

    sorry been gone for a couple of days... will not seperate the RRP footholds they come as pictured with the plates its a great deal , pending prickster payment the waterbox is older style PFP with 2 inch top opening and 2.5 inch bottom opening it was run with 900R ... bob comp and bob standard...
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