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    Super Jet Rdrttoy's 2008 Super Jet Build

    What hood and nose is that ?
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    What's your view look like today?

    My grandpa built two of them one stayed red this one got painted black
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    How long have you been riding?

    Since I was 7 in lake Powell we had 2 650 sx I didn't weigh enough thing wanted to sub the whole time I bought a rn in when I was 17 I'm 23 now and don't get to ride that much anymore
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    Other What did you fab up today? A thread for the home fabricators!

    Dude I need this my passenger seat in my 04 won't go up and down
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    Other New set up for hauling dirt bike in truck

    That sounds cool I always bring my stand make it easier to unload too . The rear hinge has a strap welded on it and the frame has the ratchet welded to it the rear hinge comes up the strap goes between the tire and fork then tighten the ratchet kinda like we use on our hoods for skis haha
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    Other New set up for hauling dirt bike in truck

    Thanks Boyer I wanted to clamp on and not make any holes in my bed . And yes it's not very good on things I had a fork saver goes between the tire and the fender to keep the forks from compressing when strapped down also makes a more secure tie not as much side to side play . But with this set...
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    Other New set up for hauling dirt bike in truck

    Hey guys this is the only forum I go on and I know a few of you ride in the dirt too so I wanted to share with you guys built a set up to haul my bike with no straps from the bars some pics of the work I didn't get a pic of it strapped in but the strap goes between the tire and...
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    First Stand-Up/Superjet

    For the exhaust tube rad dudes has what you need
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    Hauling my jetski on my pontoon boat ideas

    You sir have balls hold a badass over asphalt that high and step back to take pics sweet set up
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    Super Jet Reverse hood seal?

    Don't waste your time I have same style and let's more water in than a water hose hit up jetmaniac and get an OEM Yamaha one peice seal
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    Surfriding 2016 KittyCraft v2 build

    Builds like this are so cool the attention to detail is awesome and I like you put so much time into each step keep up the good work dude
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    Freestyle ISIS Fighter spotted Jetskiing!

    Dude on the white sj looks like he's ripping
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    Want to Buy Mikuni SBN pulse plate/cover on the cheap

    Always a bad day when you break your nipple:p
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    Post Pics of your tray and footholds.

    Your truck looks tight I like the height and stance with the bumper
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