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  • did you sell your ski? and i read somewhere on here that you live in fort mill area? i live kinda close and if you still have your ski i have some questions and stuff to ask you about it, cause i have a 750 as well and want to know how great yours is with all of its mods.
    That pic was taken in Venice Fl area....have family there so spend a lot of time there through out the year! Wish that I was there now.....damn candian air still cold here!!
    Well as of now I wont be back in MI untill July for torch lake. I might come home before then but if i do it will be on a plane and not with the Ski.
    thanks bud that paint is "alsa corp chrome",and its hard to first then clear coat then chrome,then clear coat again.about 400$ in paint
    i have everything you need to have it completly put on i mean every bolt everything and i will have you some pics asap
    lol that ski isnt mine its a buddies and hes a boob. i keep tellin him to put the pad on but he says if he does, next time another friend will break it off again. that pad has been busted off twice by the same guy, and he doesnt own the ski lol.
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