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  • Hey Tom. If your still out there, are you able to hook me up with some square nose superjet front tubbies? Bought my footholds from you and loved them.
    Hello Tom. I'm interested in buying some tubbies for my carbon xft which is based on the 96-07 superjet. I really don't want to drill any holes in my ski and am hoping you have the ones that glue and bolt on? Do you still make those? I am also wondering if you have them in Black? I'm also looking at the Blowsion tubbies but yours seem to be much less money and the reviews on yours are good as well. Thank you
    I would like to purchase a set of your tubbies For my 1994 Superjet. Thank you for your time.
    Hello sir I'd like to buy a square nose nose piece
    I'm not on paypal but I can send a check to u before u send the part
    262.951.0012 friend of Kieth spinner
    I see you are not very active in the forum but if you read this I would like to buy a front foothold from you. This will be for my RN and it is the front foothold that has the compartment. I love that design since it allows me to carry tools, rope, registration, etc...
    Let me know, I am ready to buy.
    Thanks man!

    Are you still making fixed steer square nose hoods?
    Tom does not come here very often anymore. You may want to locate an email or phone number for him
    Hey tom, you made some footholds for my 750sx last year. They were the ones that worked with 25mm padding. Was wondering if you could make another set for my new 1995 Superjet square nose? Let me know when and how i can pay ya.
    Like it says, maybe best way to contact me is pm or text me. I don't get on here often enough to be anything like responsive.
    Hey Tom I'm looking to buy tubbies for my Fx-1. Didn't know if you have any or can make me some. If so how much are they ?
    did he ever get back to you? Im interested
    Tom, I have a few yards of carbon fiber that i was saving for a rainy day that never came. Let me know if you want it and I can drop it off sometime.
    Hey Tom, id like a set of your 25mm footholds. Shoot me an email when you have a moment. Thanks!
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