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  • hey you seem like you know what your talking about from the pic on your page your ride a X2 ? i am almost done restoring my what you would have called a Basket Case of a jet ski lol yea well over a 100 man Hours on her but its all worth it to me !! im just about to start putting the Engine back in and wanna no if you know any thing about the x2 its an 88 650 like the one you got i the pic i guess it like a sit and stand up all in one lol the seat it Real LOw but any ways I don't know the Color code on the voltage regulator like what wires go to were So if you know some were online that i can get a wire Diogram or you can help me out that would be awesome , i deff know i can fig it out but trying to save some time already you know what im saying lol thanks Man !
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