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  • you still able to do Yamaha gp800 flywheels , you did one for me before but it stopped letting the engine start sounds crazy but when trying to start it will not spin over
    Looking to get a 750 small pin flywheel lightened. Please PM me and let me know if you are still doing this. Thanks!
    Looking to get my msd total loss flywheel lightened. Herd u where the place. It's brand new in box. If you could pm me with a cost and turn around time I will get this thing out to you asap. Thank you
    Can you price me on a lightweight flywheel outright with no core, shipped to miami, fl 33174 ?
    I can do paypal and please send me your paypal id to send money.
    I need to send you my YAMAHA 760 flywheel to be lightened. Contact me with info please @ 817-692-4298 or here on the X. Thanks, #ZERO
    yo chris , hope all is well. I need another lightened flywheel if you are still doing them, 458-3387.. can paypal or pick pick it up with cash, asap
    Your inbox is full.
    I need to get my 62t flywheel lightened and 62t nozzle bored.
    You can call or text me 405-919-2150
    I sent you a flywheel and it arrived on the 05-16-15. Just wondering if you are backed up with work or if I screwed something up causing a delay? Please let me know. It is for my brother, Dean Chorin.
    hey man i hear good things about your flywheels, how much for one? or if i send you mine also what is the weight of a machined 61x flywheel after? thanks
    sent PM, looking to have 62T flywheel and kawasaki 1100 flywheels lightened. Thanks
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