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    WTB Nose Cover FOUND

    Looking for a stock pole mount/nose cover for a RN as mine has a crack and is missing a tab. Thanks. FOUND
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    RN Tray Help!

    So just got a RN hull from an inmate here. First off super nice guy and was very honest so I’m not bashing him at all. That being said the tray is a mess and delaminating. Looks like cheap resin was used and pretty poorly applied. They didn’t stop at the stock gel coat line at the rear and I...
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    96’ WB1 SOLD!

    SOLD! a 1996 WaveBlaster 1 Hull. It’s pretty clean and pretty complete. No electronics or drivetrain. Comes with everything pictured and stock ride plate. 2019 registration paid. I will be bringing it to the Pismo Freeride on Saturday but I only live 30 minutes away so I can bring it Sunday...
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    WTB RN Superjet West Coast

    Looking for a RN. I would prefer stock or stock with bolt-on mods. Within driving distance of California. Cash in hand. I would consider a mostly complete hull as a last resort. I will be at the Pismo Freeride looking to buy if anyone is headed there.
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    Bare Hull Help

    So, I am having a hard time finding a RN in my budget and saw a local ad for a 2000 Hull with aluminum pole, complete hull with ride plate and intake grate. To the pros, what would you expect this would cost to make a running stock ski with good used parts and probably freshen up and engine that...
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    Super Jet New to forum, old to skis.

    Hello all been lurking but finally joined. Been wrenching on skis since the early 90’s got out of it for about 12 years then got sucked back in about 4 years ago by accident. Cut my teeth on an 89’ 650 SX at Pismo, Avila, Lopez and Nacimento in the 90’s then sold it to buy a brand new 1998 SXI...
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