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  1. Quinc

    Power factor wet or dry pipe Vs RRP carbon wetpipe

    Did you open up the manifold and remove that step looking part? I just got a tnt lay down pipe and the manifold casting is ugly..
  2. Quinc

    Other What did you fab up today? A thread for the home fabricators!

    Swapped sprockets out and hit 38 screaming mph with a minimal loss of torque. Not bad for 1hp and r/c batteries. Going to shoot for 50mph next.
  3. Quinc

    Daytona Freeride 2019

    Enjoy your pics and outfits every year! :D
  4. Quinc

    HPE 819 5mil short block

    Don't do it!! You are going to regret it!
  5. Quinc


    Bout time for another one isn't it?!
  6. Quinc


    OW was doing demos at the Pismo surf comp during the same time as the freeride so I got to try one. Pretty easy to pick up and I was jumping the curb after 5 minutes of use. Guy i was talking to in the booth was talking about how he mostly rode his on downhill mountain bike trails and it...
  7. Quinc


    It means that Aus is no longer able to sell them because of ban on 2 strokes. Be interesting to know how many per year they sold Vs the US and other countries?
  8. Quinc


    they are awesome do it!
  9. Quinc

    Wear a helmet

    Grow your hair out a bit and you can start pulling Harry Potter groupies. :D
  10. Quinc

    Best freeride helmet camera

    Hard to beat GoPro stabilization. You can pick up a hero 4 or 5 straight from GoPro fairly cheap as well.
  11. Quinc

    What truck?

    If you want a half ton gasser with tons of power check out the Chevy/GM Sierra 1500 with the 6.2L
  12. Quinc

    Super Jet SN waterbox options

    Heat up the stock hose with a heat gun and she will slip on. I did not switch any hoses running a RN box on my 91 SN.
  13. Quinc

    WB1 Couch Mounts?

    Are the b2 mounts any better?
  14. Quinc

    Super Jet SN waterbox options

    Stock RN box is best bang for the buck. They are aluminum and weigh less too.
  15. Quinc

    Harbor Freignt Tool thread

  16. Quinc

    Other Jetfiend

  17. Quinc


    until 6pm today.
  18. Quinc

    What's your view look like today?

    Lets see the gopro pics!
  19. Quinc


    No issues with Carbon in the surf. Then again I only ride it for a weekend 2x a year. Rest of the time is fresh water. Repairs I have made:
  20. Quinc

    10% off ATV and OEM ski Parts

    Good deal on gaskets, seals, etc. SUPER10
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