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  1. loictahiti

    Freestyle 49’s Full Spectrum jetting

    Hi everybody Someone has an idea for the best jetting for my 49s Full spectrum ? I ll run with Xfs glass 2017 Dasa freestyle ported 1055 RRP carbon exh Stock ignition with MSD coil and cdi 155 Oem pump with big hub R&D Impeler......euh skat track cut back , dont remember the pitch..... RRP rear...
  2. loictahiti

    Freestyle Carb pump witch side ?

    Hi everybody In my 1055 Dasa project, I have the choice for carb pump install, what is the best way to install them ? Carb pump on engine side or external side , my trottle cable can do both. Thanks
  3. loictahiti

    Electric Billet Box RRP, Cold Fusion or H2o Design ?

    As title says, what do you think about Billet Electric Box? Did the half electric box by H2o do the job with own back plate box (to save money) or need absolutly by one full billet box ? Thanks for your advice
  4. loictahiti

    Freestyle External fuel pump or not ?

    My setup is Dasa 1055 +8 RRP carbon pipe OEM 155 pump with RD super cone XFS fiber 2017 And dual full spectrum 49 So with these carb , I have block off plate on pump side and before they run with a Mikuni external fuel pump. Do you think , it’s a good idea to run like that or I need to change...
  5. loictahiti

    Freestyle Extra cylinder cooling

    Hi everybody As my english is so bad , I can’t find some post for that. I want make extra cooling on my Dasa 1055 cylinder , so how to do a cooling routine , how it’s your ? Thanks a lot
  6. loictahiti

    How did you refill your rear tank ?

    What kind of jug you use to refill your rear tank on freestyle hull ? And what size ? Thanks
  7. loictahiti

    World Final 2018

    Someone knows when are the WWF this year ? I ask that because local flight compagny makes some big deal this year, hope to catch ticket for LA cheaper Thks
  8. loictahiti

    Custom/Hybrid Infusion ratio resin/fabric

    I m just starting and trying my first part with infusion system. For now, its very cool, take my time to cut and positioning all fabric layers, mesh, vaccum bag.... So I m not very sure about the real ratio between resin and the total of the fabric weight . Could you help me , before the launch...
  9. loictahiti

    Freestyle Reduction nozzle vs steering nozzle

    I saw somewhere on X, but couldn’t find it ...... If I bore my reduction nozzle to 90 mm , is it true I have to bore my steering nozzle to 93 mm, in fact each time 3 mm more . Or my english is soo bad , that I understand a wrong thing Thanks
  10. loictahiti

    Freestyle OEM 155 pump finishing

    I ´ve just bought a new OEM 155 pump for my new XfS hull. So , did you spend time for cleaning the inside pump ? As using dremel to grind all the mold default ? Is it benefic to sand and polish the inside , vane, etc, or it’s better for me to take time with my family ? Thanks
  11. loictahiti

    Freestyle R&D pump cone and OEM 155 pump

    Hi guys What do you think about , as title says, put an R&D pump cone (or TBM) on OEM 155 pump? Does it will perform better than stock 155 pump for freeride or freestyle? Pump cone on 144 OEM pump increase really the stock one, Someone here has tried it ? Thanks for review on this .
  12. loictahiti

    Happy new year

    Starting this new 2017 year with renew my site contribution. HAPPY NEW YEAR every body
  13. loictahiti

    Want to Buy Looking for Freestyle winter project .....

    as title says, I m looking for Freestyle hull only, eventualy with additional stuff, pole, pump, etc... Carbon in first, glass in second, in depend what deal you have. ;-)) No hull before 2013 ... Doesn't need to be shipped to TAHITI just to my shipper in Los Angeles Let me know what Christmas...
  14. loictahiti

    Freestyle 148 solas vs 155 oem pump ....

    Actualy I ride with 148 solas 12 vein pump on 1055, 46's, pfp, msd cdi & coil, on my Own Build LOL hull. Specialy made for freeride, but start frestyle too , first back after 180 jump this WE. Question is : Do think i will take benefic if i change my pump by one 155 oem from blaster 2 ? Thanks
  15. loictahiti


    SITDOWN FINAL MX100 vs Jeremy BOSSER STAND UP 1/2 final 1- Abraham vs Jacob 2- Murau vs Gomez
  16. loictahiti

    Freestyle FCV tuning ...

    I saw somewhere on X, how many psi we have to put on FCV for the best tune I can't find in search section ....I suppose my english's so bad :-(( Thanks for your help
  17. loictahiti

    Other Double 46 Mikuni

    Hi guys Doe's it exist many model of dble 46 mikuni, as dble 44 for différent PWC models ? My question seem's to be strange, because I have a pair of 46 Mikuni since ,15 years maybe more, and just asking me if it has difference from today 46 . They re in good condition and seem's to works...
  18. loictahiti

    Want to Buy Thru hull exhaust pipe

    hi guys I'm looking for astitle says, a Thru Hull exhaust pipe, SJ Oem parts or Aftermarket , or just aluminium pipe, or maybe fiberglass pipe. Needing for my 08SJ hull , the last owner take it out for another square hull, and now missing for mine. Let me know what you'll have or something...
  19. loictahiti

    Blaster Blaster rocker nose kit

    Hi guys As title says, i'm looking for this kit, Let me know Thanks
  20. loictahiti

    Freestyle Which carb choose ????

    Hi guys i have recently built a small yamaha engine with following setup Crankcase 61x ported Crankshaft OEM +2 modified by Protec cylinder 61x ported with 82 mm Prox piston Head Protec old model with 185/184 psi on hole Stator stock 62T Rotor Stock 62 T lightened localy MSD enhancer Intake...
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