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  1. TheBuzzard

    Surfriding 2019 Sat Feb 16 ran over shark

    jim crocy lol I skied over a shark at Pismo about 15 years ago. it was only a sand or dog shark, nothing big. i'm always on the lookout tho and have ran from many a shadow. in 2004 an abalone diver got his head bit off by a great white in the same spot I now ski. it was just on a newer episode...
  2. TheBuzzard

    Intake Grate Help.

    the center one is best if you are looking for straight line wfo stability on smooth water and you don't have a mag pump, but if you want max hook up in choppy /rough water where getting squirrely happens anyway, the JD is best. not a fan of the old R&D on the left. I had the un supported top...
  3. TheBuzzard

    Steering cable modification

    move it farther to the outside right. it looks like that pole head has been all welded up. the stock cable mount is a slot in the casting and a stainless retainer clip keeps it in place. looks like that was all welded closed
  4. TheBuzzard

    07 SXR 800 spark issues

    i thought you meant the secondary windings on the stator legs , which they did away with on 04 and newer. I've seen triggers fail, but only from getting knocked off and broken. I've never seen or heard of one just quitting on a kawi 750/800
  5. TheBuzzard

    07 SXR 800 spark issues

    the stator only charges the battery on 2004 and newer. don't even bother looking there. hooking the battery up backwards pops the fuse. look at the pins on the cdi after you unplug it. I've seen several that one pin corrodes off and no more spark. check the plug ins on the wires for the solenoid
  6. TheBuzzard

    Question about eme micro

    he wants to buy one now, but after he gets it, dicks with putting it together and rides it, he'll be kicking himself in the ass. lol
  7. TheBuzzard

    155 skat/thrust billet setback pump

    all aftermarket high end parts are crazy overpriced new! anytime you can get them at a discount, its a deal.
  8. TheBuzzard

    Old MSD cdi

    I've seen stickers modified to read SMD lol
  9. TheBuzzard

    155 skat/thrust billet setback pump

    those dingers in the veins are nonexistent in my eyes and the best pump tuner on the planet wouldn't be able to tell the difference between fixed and dinged. veins or prop!
  10. TheBuzzard

    Cooling Big CC Motors & Aftermarket Cylinders

    my xscream 1200 has the cold water coming in from the pump to the top of the head, as opposed to most motors going into the exhaust manifold first and then thru the clyinders and out the head. I think the comp 900s do that as well? theory would be to cool the hottest stuff first, like head...
  11. TheBuzzard

    Steering cable modification

    why didn't you just attach the cable in the hull like its supposed to be and extend the end to attach to the nozzle? at the top, with the cable clamped towards the center as opposed to all the way to the right, you lose throw. I rarely ever use the correct cable , I just extend the ends and put...
  12. TheBuzzard

    Hood Breathability

    with that motor setup, those 2 bilge fittings will be plenty. lol
  13. TheBuzzard

    Super Jet HD steering cable/UMI pole

    the long end always is on the pump side. I used to run umi poles on everything and you can use any cable if you drill the holes and mount the cable clamp where it needs to be. also extend the ends with splices if necessary.
  14. TheBuzzard

    Mountain bike riser bars?

    the WDK steerings use the 31.8 and I do have one of those on my flatwater ski. the bars were tweaked so I did get some for $20 on sale at the bike shop. they have a bit of back sweep instead of totally straight , which is what I wanted. they have held up great. most of the other systems use a...
  15. TheBuzzard

    XFT hull info

    in reality it could be the same hull. the joker riding the yellow one tried to get me to trade the green one I bought from him in 2008, for one that looked like the one in the vid. he said the engine compartment had been reinforced, so if yours has extra carbon, Kevlar or glass in there, its...
  16. TheBuzzard

    XFT hull info

    your beater aint the one in the vids. those are the standard xft graphics. the one in the vid is in CA and in a CA lake. the graphics got changed after it was shortened, to larrys basic PJX graphics. you heard all there was to know on the motor. I don't care if you believe or not. you obviously...
  17. TheBuzzard

    Let's see those ride spots!

    7 miles north of the house, the sharks and surf are big at seaside gulch beach and one of the pudding creek beach spot from on top of the tressle
  18. TheBuzzard

    Best trim set up

    I had one of those trims on my first rickter. I made a wheel out of Delrin and turned it into an easy pull. that didn't solve the problem of it being the leakiest system out there, but you don't need that lame ass blowsion dirt bike clutch lever to pull it. I did post a pic years ago and its on...
  19. TheBuzzard

    Best trim set up

    once you get the xmetal trim with the bpipe coupler dialed in, its bullet proof. I use the riva metal 155 turn nozzle. I used jb weld on that to tighten up the clearances and get even less pressure loss. I use a very thick 4" non slippery silicone hose. not your average b pipe junk. I used to...
  20. TheBuzzard

    XFT hull info

    those are 2 different hulls. that beater in the back of the truck is just your standard xft. the cherry red white and black hull was larry stephens hull that he bought from Sergio. he shortened it front and rear as can be seen by the very short gunwhale pads. those vids are of larry riding it...
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