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  1. john zigler


    New here. All colors available... Head shells, domes, O-rings, girdle kits, and more..
  2. john zigler

    Superjet westcoast head help!!!!!!

    I was using the ADA Chart, with 30cc domes. Pineapple is right, if you are using a stock gasket that is going to add CC'a and a lot of volume. That would lower compression considerably. I am more familiar with the Westcoast Kawi head which uses a special very thin gasket. I am unsure on the...
  3. john zigler

    Superjet westcoast head help!!!!!!

    OK, then those are 30cc domes. I cannot remember the Yamaha Part numbers, and would recommend measuring the chamber Diam. 701cc should be about 82mm. If they are 701 domes, compression is going to be in the 220lb range.... Race gas for sure...
  4. john zigler

    New SALE EME Roid hulls

    On Sale NOW!! EME "Roid" Hull by Eric Malone Enterprises. Comes as shown with hood, pole mount, Hood Strap, Hood gasket, scupper, Ride plate, and Pump shoe & Foot holds installed. This is a glass / carbon mix. Weight in the low 70's. I have - White, with black graphics, Black with white...
  5. john zigler

    Superjet westcoast head help!!!!!!

    The domes should have a number on them, near where the plug mounts. You may need to remove them to see the number. Number would be the size of the domes in CC's. Some of the early heads/domes did not have numbers, and in that case the only real way to tell is by CCing them.
  6. john zigler

    Want to Buy 148 Mag Pump - Blaster or SJ

    Sorry, I just realized, you want a Blaster set up.... I do not have any blaster drive shafts, you will have to find a used one. I can still build it for you if you send me the B1 drive shaft.
  7. john zigler

    Want to Buy 148 Mag Pump - Blaster or SJ

    Solas Pump stator, 148mm = $565 Solas Wear ring, 148mm = $345 SJ Bearing/seal kit = $50 SJ Drive shaft = $250 SJ Long pump bolts = New $32 Used $16 Labor to assemble above = $85 When you say "tail cone" I am not sure what you mean. The pump comes with a rear bearing cap/cone. If you want a...
  8. john zigler

    Want to Buy Aftermarket SN Superjet Pole or SN to RN Bracket

    New conversion brackets in stock;
  9. john zigler

    Want to Buy 148 Mag Pump - Blaster or SJ

    They are not near as bad as the early 144's were, BUT they are not perfect out of the box. (144's are still out as well). Press is still too tight, and the bore is not straight.
  10. john zigler

    Want to Buy 148 Mag Pump - Blaster or SJ

    New Solas here, $565 + s&h Do your homework on these, and learn about the issues they have had with bearing press. We address this here, buy straightening out the bore, and reducing press. I have bearing / seal kits here as well...
  11. john zigler

    pump shoe

    144 & 155 are totally different. Both available here. IMO The WORX is the best as far as 144mm goes;
  12. john zigler

    Superjet help

    Cylinder heads available here, girdle, and standard. IMO go with a girdle head. Cyls can and will crack with any aftermarket pipe. NOT just the dry pipe. Installation is easy. I have more colors available than shown on my site.
  13. john zigler

    Superjet help

    For pump gas, I like to stay in the 170-175 lb range to be safe. Aftermarket heads = 37cc domes
  14. john zigler

    Sunday Spin

  15. john zigler

    Want to Buy Want to Buy: Hooker 10/16 for RNSJ w/stock pump

    New available here, if you cannot find used;
  16. john zigler

    WTB MSD Yamaha Trigger Plate

    I have new available here, if you cannot find a used one. John
  17. john zigler

    750SX wake up parts wanted

    I have in stock new; Solas top loader type scoops $80 Solas Impellers $175 SALE price normally $ 250 (Only while supplies last) R&D timing advance $55 PROK & Tau Ceti Flame arrestors Carb top adapters Primer kits Can cut your head for increased ompresssion $45 Head gaskets Reeds Handle bars...
  18. john zigler

    Want to Buy Found... DELETE

    $45 + s&h here, freshwater OE stock dual 38mm f/a For payment I take Visa, and Master Card. Feel free to email or call the shop to order.
  19. john zigler

    New Build

    Nice build!! I think I am going to switch my Trek superfly over to tubeless. I have my Farley set up tubeless ( 2-sets of wheels/tires. Summer/dirt, and others are snow only) I just put a short piece of fuel line over the presta and pumped up with the air nozzle. My tires actually snap...
  20. john zigler

    Quick steer for SN SJ

    I have quick steer plates that will work on your SJ. On a stock pole, you will need to drill four holes. ( You need the mount kit with bearings as well; Mount kit; I also have the bracket...
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