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  1. prowatercraftracing

    ProLite Carbon Fiber Handlepole & 550Force Hood Package Deal!!!

    The #550Force Hood and #ProLite Carbon Fiber Handlepole offers a stylist modern look to your vintage 440 & 550 Kawasaki JetSki. The #ProLite handlepole was designed to be a more cost effective alternative to the aftermarket aluminum poles on the market. The ProLite handlepole has an edgy style...
  2. prowatercraftracing

    550 PJS and Westcoast Parts FOR SALE

    Some 550 parts for sale. - PJS Full Reed Pipe $150 - Westcoast Exhaust Manifold $100 - PJS Modified 440/550 Pump $250...
  3. prowatercraftracing

    ProWatercraft 550Force Hood Our 550Force hoods for the Kawasaki 440/550 are done and ready to go into production! We decided to start a group-buy to offer a discount to the first 10 of you guys. We have 3 customers in line already, we need 7 more! If you are...
  4. prowatercraftracing

    ProWatercraft Wave Blaster Products

    Hey guys, As many of you have noticed, ProWatercraft has been focusing a lot on sport skis lately, particular the WB1. We have spent some time designing some products for you Sports class guys, that we think you will love and that will make your ski handle better and make riding even more fun...
  5. prowatercraftracing

    Used ProWatercraft Clearance ALL Under $50

    ProWatercraft Racing has a bunch of ride plates, intake grates, and MORE each for $50.00 or less! For SXR, SuperJet, and ZXI. Visit the link to find out more! Get them while they last!
  6. prowatercraftracing

    Voting on new IJSBA Rules

    Hello, The IJSBA is asking us to help them define some new rules for the ski class. Below I'm adding some notes in Blue to help you understand the possible new rule. Please copy/ paste the below and email it to PLEASE Forward to to as many friends as possible!!! Voting ends Jan...
  7. prowatercraftracing

    Super Jet Race plate

    Hey everyone riding your 1996 - current Yamaha Super Jet! There's been a recent product unveiling by Prowatercraft Racing's new Race plates designed for the 1996 - Current Super Jets. We've gotten tons of feedback complimenting the designed and function. "Great design", "...Much better than my...
  8. prowatercraftracing

    Prowatercraft Racing's NEW Urethane Front Sponsons

    Prowatercraft Racing is offering some sweet new Urethane front sponsons that gives you more handling and the best performance from your jet ski. For only $199.00, you'll be getting a product that fits any ski! Whether it be a Seadoo HX, Kawi 550/650/750/SXR, Hydrospace, Zapata ski, Trinity hull...
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