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  1. blasterdude

    SOLD Wetjet Kraze 46MM Carb setup

    What you see is what you get if it is not in the pictures it is not there/included. The carb is stripped bare and I recommend rebuilding the throttle shaft too as it has some play. The arrestor bolt holes are helicoiled and are not the greatest. Was a spare setup I never ended up needing...
  2. blasterdude

    Want to Buy Delete

  3. blasterdude

    Ok, who was it?! I highly doubt it was anyone from the forum, but I had to throw it out there.
  4. blasterdude

    Wetjet Kraze 46mm Intake Manifolds and Carb setups

    Carb's and Mani's Mani's PM me if you are interested.
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