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    2004 Superjet Handpole

    2004 Superjet handpole. Hasn't been cut. Fresh water only and is in great shape. Decided to install my KP pole on my Superjet since I sold my Tigercraft I was going to build. It's painted 2017 Ford Raptor Gray. 250 or best offer plus shipping.
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    Superjet handle pole

    I have one. Probably switching to a KP set up that I have.
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    RN chin pad

    I have one but it's a pad already installed.
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    I have one I maybe selling. I probably going to switch to my KP pole on my one superjet.
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    Superfreak circus carbon $5200 sold

    Does that mean your going to the Sortie?
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    SOLD Maxx UFO

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    2018 Krash Reaper hull

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    SOLD Tigercraft Aquabot V1

    It's a solid hull is right. It was build like a tank great surf ski!
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    SOLD Tigercraft Aquabot V1

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    MN Freeride 2016 Rickter XFR

    Very clean ski!
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    SOLD Tigercraft Aquabot V1

    Somebody needs to finish this ski!!!
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    Dasa, PHP, Novi, TNT, RRP, Etc. Garage Sale

    Pm on flame arrestors
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    I love crossfit will be a year last September. I had some breaks and got sick haven't been hurt. Right now it's life getting in the way only managing 2 times a week.
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    NEW Superfreak Circus

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    SOLD Thrust Innovations Billet Handle Pole

    Do i get a finders fee?
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    New D!ck pisser bypass fittings

    This went from PG to well X!
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    Lightened Flywheels (More Added)

    How much to do one and what is your turn around time?
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    Super Jet 7.5 Gallon Aluminum Superjet Fuel Tank

    I would buy this but not running a factory B pipe!
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    X-Scream 900 R Engine W Full Specs, Intake, and Reeds!!!

    Would you sell the carbs?
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