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  1. yamanube

    The Baddest JetSki never made!

    Says the guy with a $9,000 550.
  2. yamanube

    The Thread with all the Best Jet Ski videos

    Dream ride spot.
  3. yamanube

    Super Jet Project Dance-floor

    Those billet nose cones are crap IMO, especially if it doesn't have a set screw. Even with a set screw, I have still had them come loose. I only use the rubber ones now.
  4. yamanube

    Joe Kenney

    Stumbled on this video somehow, thought I would share. Mid video Joe talks about riding and his injury.
  5. yamanube

    Super Jet Project Dance-floor

    It's going to be a sad day when you sell it, awesome build though. Watching this thread keeps me motivated.
  6. yamanube

    Used ADA domes 701 29cc

    Bump for a price drop.
  7. yamanube

    Super Jet Project Dance-floor

    That looks rad, I vote keep the pole painted the way it is.
  8. yamanube

    50cal RTP reviews

    Still have that Rev?
  9. yamanube

    61x reed cages and reeds

    Looking for a nice clean set of 61x reeds and cages (want full assembly with cages, stops and reed petals). Don't need any manifold parts.
  10. yamanube

    FV-Pro kit build

  11. yamanube

    What's your view look like today?

    Dont be, unless you helped design the F150.
  12. yamanube

    What's your view look like today?

    Stuck in a Ford all week while my truck is at the body shop AND my pressure washer vibrated it's way into the pool today. Look at all that aero bro.
  13. yamanube

    What's your view look like today?

    Weird flex but okay.
  14. yamanube

    PRE 08 vs. 08+ SUPPERJET

    Switching to the pre 2008 cable makes the steering WAYYYY better. The 2008+ has almost no steering throw and makes the ski turn lazy at low speed. Swapping the steering cable (and pole or modifying the pole mount) should be the first mod to any 08+.
  15. yamanube

    Used ADA domes 701 29cc

    I have two 29cc 701 domes for race gas. Used but in good shape. $55 shipped in the US.
  16. yamanube

    PRE 08 vs. 08+ SUPPERJET

    The 96-07 turns better with front sponsons but will never be as good as the 08+. There is more going on than just front sponsons, it has deeper chines, the pump is set back and the rear of the hull is more narrow.
  17. yamanube

    SOLD 701 Squarenose w/pipe, alum pole $1350

    Finally, I can stop thinking about buying it.
  18. yamanube

    PRE 08 vs. 08+ SUPPERJET

    I found the 2008 hull to be significantly more stable and predictable at speed than the previous. The harder you push it, the better it rides and like @freshfit said, it is a bit sensitive to body position, too much nose pressure can make it move around a bit in a straight line.
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