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  1. ph1lthy11y

    Other New set up for hauling dirt bike in truck

    Hey guys this is the only forum I go on and I know a few of you ride in the dirt too so I wanted to share with you guys built a set up to haul my bike with no straps from the bars some pics of the work I didn't get a pic of it strapped in but the strap goes between the tire and...
  2. ph1lthy11y

    Looking for a chinpad that fits xmetal pole

    Hey guys need a chin pad for xmetal pole I was hoping maybe a used xmetal pad or maybe one of the composite guys on the forum makes one that would fit nice . Also running riser bars so if you have one that is already trimmed that work also . Thanks guys
  3. ph1lthy11y

    Want to Buy wtb b pipe manifold

    Hi guys im looking for a b pipe manifold for my rn ... Thanks
  4. ph1lthy11y

    Who owns this ski ?

    As title says who's ski is this ? i was looking at old pics on my computer and found this . looks awesome i want to know how short it is and is there a build thread ?
  5. ph1lthy11y

    Xscream dvx vid

    Teaser vid . Mabe a re post :shrug:
  6. ph1lthy11y

    Custom/Hybrid Rn re foam tom21 adjustable foothold install

    Thought I would share some pics with you guys first what the tray looked like before getting turf off found some surprises as swapmeet would say really the guy before me used bondo to fill hole on top rail and his glass job sucked you can see in pics ^^^^
  7. ph1lthy11y

    Other Where you put your rope ???

    Just wondering were you keep your tow rope i have a wdk hood so the fire ext compartment is out where do guys keep your tow rope when riding ? Thanks
  8. ph1lthy11y

    Other Jet ski ban , lake powell , mead , mohave ???

    Whats going on with this ban ?? I know a few people on this forum ride on these lakes myself included . But i haven't since this ban took effect. has anyone ridden on any of the three lakes since January 1st ? how do plan on getting around the fuel injected thing ? PLEASE reply .... Thanks Phillip
  9. ph1lthy11y

    Other This made me laugh

    probably a repost
  10. ph1lthy11y

    Other How to weigh my ski ???

    I searched but dint find anything how are you guys weighing your skis ?? I would really like to know much my ski weighs before and after refoam... thanks
  11. ph1lthy11y

    Other Polystyrene Foam ???

    hey guys i think its time for me to re foam my ski but i have some questions on polystyrene i see some guys use pink polystyrene and some use white polystyrene are they the same ? the pink looks more smooth than the white wich is better for under the tray ? and were do you buy the pink foam my...
  12. ph1lthy11y

    Other Freestyle in a kia commercial

    at 12 sec
  13. ph1lthy11y

    Super Jet super jet stalls out

    hey guys i got a problem with my super jet. it will run for a few minutes but feels like the power is just not there like it should be then it will die sometimes if i pull the choke it will start back up but not always then when i get back to shore pull it up on the stand it fires right up like...
  14. ph1lthy11y

    Freestyle Who invented footholds ?

    like the title says who invented footholds? and who was the first rider to use them. gotta learn some history. also what did they use before footholds.
  15. ph1lthy11y

    Freestyle super jet freestyle i thought this vid was cool cause of all the super jet action
  16. ph1lthy11y

    Super Jet Mag pump ?

    hey guys i'm considering buying a mag pump for my ski but my motor is stock well i have a b pipe i was thinking the solas mag pump would i notice a difference would it be worth it ? thanks...
  17. ph1lthy11y

    Super Jet electric problems

    OK guys i wanted to put a hidden kill switch on my ski so when the switch was flipped the ski would not start i don't know why i wanted one i just did so i fallowed the wires from the start stop on the handlebars down into the hull cut the red wire and put my switch in on that wire got it all...
  18. ph1lthy11y

    Custom/Hybrid Turf ideas

    hey guys i need to returf my ski and iv been looking for ideas but not finding to much could you guys post some pics of your turf jobs just need some cool ideas looking for something that stands out ... thanks
  19. ph1lthy11y

    Foot straps

    hey guys wondering how to install foot straps i no about the kit that blowsion sells someone was saying home depot has the same thing but is it stainless ? ...... thanks
  20. ph1lthy11y

    Custom/Hybrid homemade beach dolly / tote

    hey guys built a beach tote about a week ago total cost was $65.00. and wanted to see what you guys thought . and mabe you would post some pics of your beach totes.
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