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    Another happy customer

    First purchase on the x went great thanks to chris at jetmaniac, good prices,great help and fast shipping. Couldent be a happier coustomer
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    How can i tell if this is a 650 or 701 midshaft assembly. Want to order new bearings and seals. Its a 1990 but has alot done to it so dont know if pervious owner changed it.
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    Small superjet build questions

    Okay so i know you guys probley get annoyed with these post but here ya go lol. <br> <br> Just picked up a 1990 super jet,has stock 6m6 bottom end with 61x 701 top end on it. Ive only started it and reved it up a few times to make sure it runs befor tearing the ski down.&nbsp; Sence its winter...
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    Js 440 bn44 wont pull fuel.

    Hey guys i got a 1980 js 440 that had a starter that wouldent engage amd needed carb work. I got the starter figured out and carb has been gone through. The ski will start off primer fuel but will not stay running after primer fuel burns off. The kid i got the ski off of said he just replaced...
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    New to me js 440

    have a 1980 JS 440 i just bought, guy was selling it because it was having a problem with the starter not engaging and just free spinning, messed with it a little bit when i got it home and got it engaging (most of the time) randomly free spins and doesn't grab fly wheel. Anyways poured some gas...
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    Js 440 starter not enganging

    Hey guys ihave a 1980 js 440 i just bought today and guy i bought it from told me he put a brand new starter in it and it engaged a couple times then would just free spin. I have the starter out and it dose look to be brand new. Anyways i jumped the starter and the gear that grabs the flywheel...
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    here come newb questions

    just got a 91 650 SN sj bone stock motor wise and have some questions. what is single and dual cooling differences? what dose single cooling and dual cooling do, allow u to make sure nothings clogged ? how would i go about hooking it up? because my motor feels kind hot after just a short...
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    finally got one

    so i finally got my first super jet, its a 1991 all stock motor wise and ski wise besides for a aluminum hand pole. it runs okay, it likes to fall on its face for a second if u smack the throttle at low rpm. guy i got it from said hes owned it for around 6 years and has never tore into it never...
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    1998 tigershark 770

    I just bought a 1998 tigershark 770 and was wondering why there is no filters in the air boxes and why when i look them up i cant find anything. Theres just a metal container thing on top of each carb. Thamk for any info on this thing
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    Registration card illinois

    I see a lot of good deals on newer skis. Some of them dont have title and only have registration cards. Is this okay to buy. Ive trd geting ahold of dnr a bunch of times
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    1994 seadoo sp

    With summer geting close i picked up a couple sit downs for buddys to ride. They sat all winter so i went theu them and the one im have problems with it a 94 seadoo sp. I took carb off and went thru it, Drained and replaced, fuel, checkd sompression,fuel lines looked good. It starts a revs out...
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    Waxing/polishing ski

    Whats a easy way to wax and polish your jet ski thats simple with good results dosent needa be perfect. Evertime i try and look up a good way to do this there saying you gotta use multiple products and multiple different pads and to wet sand and diffent sites say to use different products and...
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    Places to ride in illinois

    Watd up guys, havent posted here in awile. Was just wondering some good places to go riding and camping in illinois? Ive only went to kankakee river off river road, because it super close but wana try out some new waters this year, dont see to many stsnd ups out there wana meet some more...
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    From dirt to water

    Hey guys use to have a account here from awile back but forgot email. Anyways, im coming from a dirt bike/atv background. I live in illinois and am wanting to get into stand ups, i had a js 550 and had a blast and realy fell in love with stand up sence.but i wana start taking this stuff more...
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