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  1. uwswimmer

    2014 Krash footrocket

    2014 Krash footrocket with title. Come with aura billet pole, rrp bracket, ovp steering, rrp bars, rrp levers, rrp bar extenders, grips, thrust bilge switch, thrust primer, billet pissers and bilge outlet, thrust ez drain valve, extra ride plate, and a set of footholds. A little surf rash, and...
  2. uwswimmer

    Extra parts

    Yamaha Solas 13/17 prop - $110 shipped SOLD WDK pole bracket, sides shaved to fit AM hulls - $70 shipped 64x intake mani with reeds - $90 shipped B1 gas tank with pickup - $65 plus shipping 144 pump stator - $85 shipped 144 pump wear ring (couch style, non threaded) - $85 shipped Tau Ceti Pro...
  3. uwswimmer


    Anyone know of a chicken for sale in the northwest?
  4. uwswimmer

    middle factory manifold bolts

    I am removing a factory exhaust mani and the two top middle bolts that are difficult to get to, started stripping, despite my best effort to be careful. anyone have a trick to getting them loose? i put heat on them, shaved a 12mm wrench thinner for more clearance, gave a few taps with a rubber...
  5. uwswimmer

    62t lightened flywheel SOLD

    Lightly used jm 62t lightened flywheel. 125$ shipped
  6. uwswimmer

    rocketed blaster hull SOLD

    It's a 92 blaster hull that i bought 100% stock, and it was really clean, all inserts are perfect. It has the carter b front and rear rocker kit, glassed in inserts for a superjet gas tank, and the exhaust. It has the 701 rear exhaust, new turf and underpadding, and xlace foot straps. The seat...
  7. uwswimmer

    H2o designs clear ebox cover?

    Anyone know if these are still being produced?
  8. uwswimmer

    new bike, yz125, blew it up

    Picked up my first dirt bike, rode it a handful of times and blew my top end. Can anyone tell what happened based on these photos? No idea on the prior owners maintenance or when the last time it was rebuilt.
  9. uwswimmer

    Surfriding bad MSD?

    My ski was running good, 701 with head, b pipe, 38s, carbon reeds, prop stock cdi. I bought a used MSD and brought it to the beach with me. I installed it, tried to start it and it would not start but try to fire when i let off the start button. I traced down a bad connection on my S/S switch, I...
  10. uwswimmer

    Wife's blaster

    This project took too long because I ended up moving half way through the glass work, but its finally in paint. Just got pics after primer, cant wait to see it top coated!
  11. uwswimmer

    Custom/Hybrid footrocket scupper relocation

    Has anyone moved the footrocket scupper from the pump tunnel to the rear of the hull? I want to put a thrust ez drain in and was curious if anyone has done this. I did a search and could not find anything.
  12. uwswimmer

    Black waveblaster 1 grab handles

    I have a set of purple, but need a set of black, I can trade or just buy if anyone has a set. Thanks.
  13. uwswimmer

    Used WB gas tank, WDK bracket

    Pricing plus PP fees and shipping. Stock WB tank with pickup, very clean, asking $85 WDK bracket, single breather hole, sides were shaved down to fit some aftermarket hulls, asking 60$
  14. uwswimmer

    Used X metal pole

    X metal pole, with bracket/backing plate and chin pad. No steering. In great shape. 650$
  15. uwswimmer

    X metal vs rrp pole bracket

    I have an x metal pole and bracket on my foot rocket right now and I am considering changing to an RRP pole or something similar. My question is, will the holes from my x metal bracket line up with the holes from an RRP bracket if I switch?
  16. uwswimmer

    SOLD Hitch Hauler

    Rad dudes hitch hauler with LED kit, a few years old in good shape, norm wear. Lake Tapp WA 180$
  17. uwswimmer

    701 Footrocket build

    Quick background, I started riding a few years ago on a 650 SN, learned to ride on the lake and in the surf a bit. My buddy bought a double trailer recently with a blaster and raider on it. The blaster had a blown top end and he gave me the engine and electronics out of it. He also gave me the...
  18. uwswimmer

    double trailer spruce up

    Bought this trailer and fixed it up a little bit. So far I have removed the flames off the side, replaced the lights and wiring. cut down and reused the bunks that were on it. I had a bunch of left over u bolts from a previous project so i found some inexpensive brackets that worked with them to...
  19. uwswimmer

    Super Jet Pro-tec dbp pipe

    Over the 4th of July the 3 bolts that hold on my stock Exhaust chamber; 1 backed out, 1 sheered off, and 1 stripped the threads in chamber. Then tore the coupler. I found a Pro-tec dbp pipe locally and was curious if anyone has experience with this pipe, good or bad. It came off of a sn 650, and...
  20. uwswimmer

    Super Jet throttle lever causing runaway ski

    Hey guys, at the end of one of my last rides I did a nose stab, came up and my ski took off. I had one hand on the bars, pulled my self up and ran back to the launch and pulled my lanyard. What happened was the last 5 threads behind the adjusting nut (inside the throttle lever, you can see the...
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