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    Looking for clean Octane (California) WTB - 2019

    Hey guys, looking to see if anyone one here was selling their Polaris Octane is California, I use to own two and had to sell them do to personal reasons. I have lot of parts aftermarket and OEM so I'd love to be able to hop on another one! Please txt me at 818.390.1203 if you have or know of...
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    X2 Polaris Octanes Both 2003 Both Minty Fresh and Stock

    Hey guys have two octanes I need to sell, they're both fresh water ski's and are in perfect shape! They come with a bunch of extra parts. Please txt me for pictures at 818-390-1203 for pictures. My photo bucket has been acting up for some reason. Ski's are located in Thousand Oaks Souther...
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    Polaris Octanes for Sale?

    Hi i'm looking for a nice example of a polaris octane, if you have one for sale let me know, also how hard is it to get parts for these boats? Thanks - Tommy
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    Want to Buy Mint!!! 550sx SoCal

    As the title says i'm looking for a super mint 550sx in SoCal. I'm willing to drive for the right ski, rear exhaust is preferable but side exhaust is not a deal breaker, if you have one and you would be willing to sell it please txt or call me at 818-390-1203. Thanks so much - Tommy
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