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  1. Rushford_Ripper

    Looking For Rubber End Tube (FOUND)

    I need the rubber end tube for a dual OEM 38mm air intake, anything laying around? (The circled piece)
  2. Rushford_Ripper

    Beach cart/dolly

    Old beach cart, does not collapse anymore, works well, but not perfect. $250 firm, local pick up
  3. Rushford_Ripper

    SXR 800 E-Box

    Looking for a good working '04 and up sxr 800 ebox complete
  4. Rushford_Ripper

    Manifold warp?

    Anyone ever have a dual R&D intake manifold warp on them? Went to install the carbs (speed plate) on the manifold and the one sits lower than the other. Everything was bolted up fine, removed to install new gaskets now won’t line up at all.
  5. Rushford_Ripper


    SXR Jet Dynamics intake grate - sold
  6. Rushford_Ripper

    SXR 800 Flywheel

    Looking for a good clean stock SXR 800 flywheel, will consider a TBM for the right price.
  7. Rushford_Ripper

    Steering nozzle

    Need a steering nozzle for my thrust trim setup, metal preferred.
  8. Rushford_Ripper

    WDK Rok - SOLD

    Kawasaki based WDK Rok Well used, but still has life in her. Full carbon hull, comes with reg and some misc. $1900 / offer, local pick up
  9. Rushford_Ripper

    750 X-2 (SOLD)

    - 750 small pin - ADA head - SBN44 - R&D intake manifold - 750 R&D pipe and manifold (2" stinger) - 750 electronics - Lightened flywheel w/ drilled hub - Rad Dudes dual bilge bracket (has only 1 pump though and stock siphon still) - '94/'95 stock waterbox, has foam, box is not drilled - Rad...
  10. Rushford_Ripper

    Armindo Sousa Pump

    Armindo Sousa (AS pump) Anyone have info on these pumps? I have obtained a ski that has one and was curious about it. Its a Kawasaki 145 setback 14 vien pump.
  11. Rushford_Ripper

    DELETE (double post)

  12. Rushford_Ripper


    Thrust trim bits and pieces Came from a kawi based ski, lever is from a bicycle? What you see is what I have aside from the cable that’s pretty bent up. $130 shipped for everything
  13. Rushford_Ripper

    Used Sold

    Good used yamaha thrust innovations finger throttle - $55 shipped
  14. Rushford_Ripper


    In need of a Kawasaki 650 that ran with good compression. (Cylinders, pistons, head)
  15. Rushford_Ripper

    Stock or Factory Pipe RN waterbox?

    Is there a way to tell if this is a stock or factory pipe waterbox for a roundnose? Always seemed louder than a stock box and the original build thread of the ski it came from mentioned a factory pipe waterbox but I know it exchanged hands a couple times since the original build. Sure...
  16. Rushford_Ripper

    Used SOLD

    Nice set of used Rhaas superjet motor mounts $115 shipped
  17. Rushford_Ripper

    Couch mounts (FOUND)

    Looking for (4) good used couch mounts at a reasonable cost.
  18. Rushford_Ripper


    R&D intake grate, off my Superjet, won’t fit my new hull unfortunately. $115 shipped
  19. Rushford_Ripper


    Any used or new bilge brackets out there?
  20. Rushford_Ripper

    New SXR Parts

    Handpole lock (for stock pole mount) ADA spring tensioner Both bought new, never used. $100 shipped for both
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