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  1. TheBuzzard

    Pinned my own flywheel (spinning ring gear). Will it be balanced enough?

    its not. back when I rode the sxr, I took a 750 flywheel, busted the magnets out, then hillbilly connected it to my drill press to spin it , took my 4" hang grinder and ground off the outer edge down to the trigger bumps. it worked perfect and it had no vibration or ill effects.
  2. TheBuzzard

    Anyone ran stock nozzle diameter on a 148 pump?

    my superfreak with a dasa 1000 had a 148 and it had a bored nozzle in it when I bought it. it appeared to be spinning the prop to me so I put in a stock gp800 reduction nozzle and gained a bunch of bottom end , thrust and height on flips. every dumb ass always says bore the nozzle , but a...
  3. TheBuzzard

    Superfreak circus hull for sale

    because you are in some BFE country, the price is ass wipe money for what it is, compared to USA prices and with all the scams and scammers trying to burn you for your money, it looks like a good way to send money that may never be seen again. do you want to send it COD? i'll gladly paypay...
  4. TheBuzzard

    Superfreak circus hull for sale

    I am a little skeptical
  5. TheBuzzard

    Is this a good deal ?

    that aint better than my junk
  6. TheBuzzard

    Is this a good deal ?

    that's billy flores'. if you think that 8500 is a good deal for that, then my green hurricane with 5 times the goodies and fresh for 10k, is a disco deal. my chick has it listed on facebook marketplace, probably where you saw this apex
  7. TheBuzzard

    Aftermarket reduction nozzle

    protec for sure. I got one in front of me
  8. TheBuzzard

    New carbon tech reeds 4 sale

    out of V2 petals
  9. TheBuzzard

    Stop button not working ?

    I had that problem with a 96sj. it was a bad connection /plug in inside the box. whenever the green or red button don't work, first disconnect the plug ins at the box and short across on the box side to bypass the switch. troubleshooting 101.
  10. TheBuzzard

    What Are You Listening To?

    definitely not instrumentals
  11. TheBuzzard

    Photo's of 2006+ RN SJ Front Hood Latch?

    I look all part up on HLSM microfiche to see what they cost new. it doesn't always tell me if its available or not but I get the cost so I can relay that info and let the buyer know its not just a $2 part new. where do you think you got that cherry theft recovery squarenose from? i'm generally...
  12. TheBuzzard

    Photo's of 2006+ RN SJ Front Hood Latch?

    of course I do but since i'm not one of the many ambulance chasers on here, I don't offer my parts every time somebody asks. like I said a few months ago, that latch from Yamaha is over $300, so make me a fair offer and i'd probably part with it. offer me peanuts for it and it can just lay on...
  13. TheBuzzard

    Yamaha Pump seal Spacer/shim

    I've seen a few of those. its part of an aftermarket seal. oem seals have that metal surrounded by rubber. that metal ring just slips in a groove on some seals. if I remember right, there are 2 of them. I have used those rings to take up extra space or make an oem seal fit tighter I some AM...
  14. TheBuzzard

    X-Metal Scupper - Need New Rubber?

    i barely talked him out of selling it a few years ago. I had to tell him it was a POS and he wasn't going to get much for it. I haven't been able to talk him into riding it. I called him before the Pismo rides for years now and he never goes. I think he got old and fat on us
  15. TheBuzzard

    X-Metal Scupper - Need New Rubber?

    I've lost the metal off the bottom of the flap a time or 2 and got replacement parts from xscream for dirt cheap years ago. put washers on the back side of the rubber and not just the nuts.
  16. TheBuzzard

    Modded 701 reliability

    i'd be willing to bet those were WSM or some other junk new pistons that failed. I just tore apart a motor that had very low hours on the top end, had WSM pistons and also had cracked skirts. good thing I tore it apart. when buying used, its always a crap shoot on what you get or how long it lasts
  17. TheBuzzard

    New carbon tech reeds 4 sale

    out of 61x reeds
  18. TheBuzzard

    wtb yamaha coffman exhaust manifold

    $250 shipped. one of the few brand new ones left on this planet
  19. TheBuzzard

    750ss still in crate

    i'd rather have that Coffman TS/SC pipe and waterbox that's on the shelf.
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