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  1. Rushford_Ripper

    Freestyle Just moved to Rochester, NY. Riding spots??

    Always welcome to take a trip to Buffalo, NY and hook up with the group here
  2. Rushford_Ripper

    SN Factory Pipe / 61x parts

    Update bump
  3. Rushford_Ripper

    WTB 61X Head

    I have a stock one supposedly milled.
  4. Rushford_Ripper

    New Speedy sprocket lightened 62t flywheel

    I will take it when I return home, just need to find a stator....
  5. Rushford_Ripper

    Rockered blaster

  6. Rushford_Ripper

    Beach cart/dolly

  7. Rushford_Ripper

    Looking to purchase a fixed steer

    @marcshale did you ever decide on anything?
  8. Rushford_Ripper

    SN Factory Pipe / 61x parts

    More added
  9. Rushford_Ripper

    Rare TPE SS900 Comp ready

  10. Rushford_Ripper

    SN Factory Pipe / 61x parts

    Not perfect, has some deep gouges in the chamber, headpipe needs one bottom screw, good threads just stripped head (screw is removed) $425 shipped 61x cases, intake, reeds, head (no bedplates) - $150 shipped
  11. Rushford_Ripper

    kawi 650 factory pipe or AM pipe

    Think you could fit a SN factory pipe chamber in there?
  12. Rushford_Ripper

    Happy Birthday 96superjet!

    Happy Birthday and I agree!!!!!!!
  13. Rushford_Ripper

    Legality of stand up skis?

    @air blair
  14. Rushford_Ripper

    SXR800 built by Zforce Racing

    Wish you were closer
  15. Rushford_Ripper

    Riding Rochester NY?

    And Tim Horton’s!
  16. Rushford_Ripper

    Riding Rochester NY?

    Meh, depends where you ride
  17. Rushford_Ripper

    Riding Rochester NY?

    @slickrick22 , you could always swing down and ride with us in Buffalo/Lake Erie as well, always welcome!
  18. Rushford_Ripper

    2000 Carter B rokered Superjet. Selling Together

    If you decide to part it, I would take the jetmaniac waterbox and engine keepers
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