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    refinishing visual carbon fiber parts

    Is it possible to refinish the clear on visual carbon fiber parts? have some parts that were painted over and i suspect the original clear epoxy that is on the parts having yellowed from heat or exposure. how to bring them back to their original splendor?
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    who does real carbon fiber overlay on parts?

    Is there a member here that does real carbon fiber overlay? thinking of getting a few auto dashboard panels done.
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    no more rrp carbon handlebars

    was just informed today that RRP will not be selling their current line of carbon handlebars due to breakage.they may be working on developing new stronger ones .
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    sj driveshaft in bad shape.found

    looking for a superjet drive shaft with worn out splines.can be bent or twisted. just need the rear most portion where the pump bearings ride and threads for the prop in good shape plus a few inches ahead of prop. shipped to 70118
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    best pricing on rrp stuff

    who has best pricing on rrp stuff? better yet,best pricing shipped?
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    rrp carbon handlebars

    has anyone used the rrp carbon handlebars? read here that the odi clamps keep getting loose? any real word reviews?
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    dual 48mm full spectrums $800

    selling a pair of used full spectrum 48. these were originally red color and rattle can painted silver. no jets or coupler. will need new diaphragm as the ones on there are pretty stiff but pump side seems ok.carbs were running fine when put up on shelf otherwise. no wear or grooves in bore and...
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    who's wdk rip is this?

    this is for sale 30 miles away. is this a member here?
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    Used tnt superstock chamber

    selling this tnt superstock chamber in great shape "clearanced" to fit in superjet. comes with lord mount and either stainless magneto bracket or billet aluminum one. $550 plus ship and paypal.
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    Used factory B-pipe

    SALE PENDING selling a factory B-pipe mod. sale pending all screws are loose,manifold set up for dual cooling,coupler in good shape. $650 plus ship and paypal.
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    Used rn sj water box

    SOLD.selling a round nose water box in good holes or loose baffles.$150 shipped
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    bill chapin kawi 800,tbm parts and kawa waterboxes

    selling : rare!! -bill chapin of R&D fame built 800sxr superstock ported engine.built for the world finals a few years back as a back up engine. broken in and rode a bit but kept as a spare and ready to run.been sitting in temperature controlled clean room .does not come with flywheel or starter...
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    forum member in florida who did turf installs

    there was a member on here from florida that used to offer his service to do turf install. who was it?
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    Used jet pilot race boots worn once $40 shipped

    selling a like new pair of jet pilot race boots size and grey trim.looks silver in photos because of light but they are black and grey. worn exactly ONE time as they are too small for me .size 9 and still with that new shoe smell ! $40 shipped SOLD.SOLD
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    2005 sxr $4400

    selling 2005 sxr. has tbm rear sponsons,blowsion fiberglass top rail kit,jet trim race mat with rear kick pad and side lifters,shredmaster ride plate,10/18 solas,choke delete with primer kit,odyssey battery,rear duckbill drain. runs great .fresh water use .no cracks,no damage.about 100hrs as too...
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    seen this before? no need to worry about scratching the bottom
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    Used b pipe with tnt chamber

    SOLD selling a b pipe with genuine limited tnt chamber.not the cheap nynja copy.couple of small dings. all 3 screws are loose on headpipe. your choice of either 61X or 62T manifold.both have dual cooling. coupler is usable but a fresh one would be best. you will need to buy a lord mount and...
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    Other galvanized bandit trailer

    selling a bandit galvanized trailer in good shape.North Carolina title in hand. 12feet long,62in wide and 48in between fenders. led tail lights and tires in great shape. 880lbs rating and 1 7/8in coupler. $400.00 or make offers.need it gone. located in SE louisiana.
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    New 2 wamiltons RRP handlepole pads,fiberglass and carbon

    selling 2 new wamilton's handle pole pads for RRP poles. these are the only adjustable pads depending on steering system used. -$175 shipped for fiberglass -$200 shipped for carbon fiber l
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