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    Want to Buy WTB any Kawi 1100 parts.

    got new novi 48's and new full spectrum 48's
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    WTB gp800 engine 66e

    have cases,new oem crank and new wdk 927 cylinder and head kit,billet intake or boyesen manifolds.
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    Want to Buy WTB any Kawi 1100 parts.

    have complete 1100 engines,ignition boxes,cases,cylinders,stroker crankshafts,piston kits,ada girdled head and triple pipes for sxr.
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    Want to Buy Original “round” XM waterbox

    i think i have one.will look
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    looking for carbs.

    pm me your cell for pics
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    looking for carbs.

    have a pair of FS 48. 'would need new diaphragms and jets but no slop on shafts.
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    refinishing visual carbon fiber parts

    Is it possible to refinish the clear on visual carbon fiber parts? have some parts that were painted over and i suspect the original clear epoxy that is on the parts having yellowed from heat or exposure. how to bring them back to their original splendor?
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    Identify this rideplate???

    if you can find a shredmaster,buy it!
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    155-160 one peice double Oring seal pumps

    can the aluminum wear ring be replaced once worn?
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    Alternatives to Paypal

    venmo seems to be growing. a few of my customers are now mentioning it .apparently safe and secure .
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    Want to Buy Hand holds

    have a set of carbon me your cell or email and get you pics.$50 plus ship.
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    Nynja pipe !!!

    yes they were but different gauge and fit and welding was sub par. stay away from them.
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    Custom 4-5 Ski Trailer-Electric Crane

    how wide is it at it's widest point? steel trailer? how high is the top bunk from ground? length?
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    Bilge Paint or No Paint?

    bilge paint only works as well as the prep you do!
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    Engine break in

    read it well,you'll see that rings seat in very quickly.just enough time to get things warm and hammer it.
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    Engine break in

    ride it like you stole it right after it has warmed up. go wfo for short runs and vary throttle a lot but ride it hard. the idea is to build up high cylinder pressure to seat the rings properly.this won't take but a few minutes.
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    750sx Quick turn plate question.

    yes,bolts right on.just remove your complete system and bolt this on.comes complete ready to go. pm me your cell for pics.
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    750sx Quick turn plate question.

    no add on plates for 750's i have a complete umi with billet subplate i'd part with.purple
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    Maxx pumps questions

    seem to be good pumps and very little to no complaints even on the www. not much difference between 12 or 14v.the 14v will load the motor a little more but probably not enough to tell a difference. not sure what size hubs they are though.
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