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  1. yamabro

    Baller on a budget RIP

    I’m with them... B Pipe & Zeeltronic
  2. yamabro

    Tool Thread

    Same here. Trying to build out a new Speed box to carry down by the waterside testing/tuning. Got 2 more drawers to go.
  3. yamabro

    Ski ....Carbon Fiber T1

    I’m so glad that I was able to get a TOBY T1 masterpiece!!! Cant wait for spring to wear it out. GLWS. Whoever buys this T1 won’t be disappointed!!!
  4. yamabro

    Billet Flywheel Cover

  5. yamabro


  6. yamabro

    SOLD R&D M16 Billet Reeds

  7. yamabro

    Used Superjet OEM flame arrestor SOLD

    SOLD. Thanks.
  8. yamabro

    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    Sure. I should be able to tomorrow and I’ll post it up.
  9. yamabro


    The earlier 4TEC had them. 83 hub... I took my porting tool and blended the difference.
  10. yamabro


    The YAMADOO plastic mag is going in my TOBY T1. The all aluminum is going in a B1 4stroke build. The stator housing is bolted in just like how SKAT does it,... but reverse.
  11. yamabro

    who has kewl tow rigs

    End of Summer picture hauling my B1 (triple) to get winterized. M998A1 True Military HMMWV Tagged & Titled Legally. I have the soft top & hard top & soft doors. Wish I had some full hard doors.
  12. yamabro


    I’ve been toying around with this cause I had the parts just laying around. OEM Yamaha 155 pump stator housing (chipped stator veins) Cut out center hub and bored housing Then machined center hub OEM Seadoo “Plastic“ 10 vein Mag pump 155, stator veins are chipped BUT I didn’t want to...
  13. yamabro

    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    I had 1 setup for charging,... winter tear down so I thought I’d get my stuff ready to try the total loss. -Remove magnets -Remove 3rd lump -Lighten / drill / & tig ring gear
  14. yamabro

    Used Superjet OEM flame arrestor SOLD

    SOLD OEM Superjet Flame Arrestor setup. Clean w/ hardware , air horn not pictured but included. I also have a 44 base (4 bolt) if you need that instead. . PayPal gift or include fees. SOLD
  15. yamabro

    no longer for sale

    You consider parting it out?
  16. yamabro

    1200 choke rod

  17. yamabro

    Veteran's Day

    Thanks Chris!!! Happy Veterans Day
  18. yamabro

    Seadoo GSX Breather Tubes with Rubber Seals

    You pay shipping buddy and they are yours
  19. yamabro

    Crankshaft Balancing???
  20. yamabro

    Crankshaft Balancing???

    No. The 2stroke cranks are pressed,... so balancing would be impossible due to the rods being slung around. Some builders do true the webs and Static balance them to insure that the webs weigh exactly the same.
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