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    What Engine mods have been done?

    I’m looking at upgrading from my 95sn, that has had nothing but issues since bought, and found a 99rn for sale that looks to have some engine mods. The kid selling is second owner and doesn’t know what it has done. Looks like air intake, pipe, head, am I missing anything? I am fairly new to...
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    95 701 Ebox electrical issues

    Long story short, after figuring out I had a bad stator and replacing that and the flywheel , I am trying to put my Ebox back together. I had previously disconnected everything trying new cdi etc. to figure out what my problem is. Now when I am connecting my starter relay to the brown and red...
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    Flywheel and stator shredded

    I’m new to working on jet skis, and this is my first superjet, but I think it’s safe to say my stator is toast and most likely flywheel too? Looks like it took some buckshot or something lol. Should I replace with oem flywheel or one of these lightened ones I hear about? Everything else is stock.
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    JetManiac parts ordering?

    New member to the page here, and trying to figure out how to contact JetManiac to order a stator for my 95 Superjet. Won’t let me start a conversation.
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