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  1. TheBuzzard

    New carbon tech reeds 4 sale

    I have a huge pile of the old school carbon tech reeds that BK and everybody else rants and raves about them lasting forever. I got these when I bought out the rest of carbon tech/3dayparts/gator grip some years ago. there are even sheets of reed paper for cutting your own reeds. nick bonanno...
  2. TheBuzzard

    Performance Jet Ski PJS

    a little PJS 800 gold to feast your eyes on if you're into this sort of junk.
  3. TheBuzzard


    kamakazi chris on his souped up SXR taking vid of the happenings of the day. take some ephedrine and coffee before watching.
  4. TheBuzzard

    Freestyle RIVA tim judge ported 61X cylinder and pistons .50 over

    this is a 61X top end that was ported by tim judge back in the day when he was the guy that was RIVA. I put a sunnen hone thru it a few years ago and was saving it for personal use but I really don't need it. this porting is going to give you about as much power as you can get out of a 701 cyl...
  5. TheBuzzard

    Freestyle Freestyle Salmon fisherman tries to catch a buzzard , bad idea! Thread starter TheBuzzard Start date Oct 9, 2013

    I just ran across my old thread I posted 6 years ago when I was hated by all. lol some things never change. I laughed my ass off reading this. maybe you'll find it amusing too, but you'll have to search it I think. this was the vid that stirred the pot. my opening statement was "you casted at me...
  6. TheBuzzard

    LOSS OF AN ICON! R&E ENTERPRISES of san jose ca. Henry Rapheld rip

    not sure if many of you knew "The Hankster/ Hemi Henry", but he was on of the major players in the vintage years of jetski. he had a jetski shop in campbell/san jose ca back in the day. his adds are in all the old watercraft unlimited, splash, jet skier and water scooter magazines. he had a...
  7. TheBuzzard

    FX-1 FX1 pump

    i just picked up an fx1 but the entire pump and shaft is missing. looking for cheap parts. I can put a 144 in it for the price of shortened shaft. call 916 334 3786 no text
  8. TheBuzzard

    looking for a plus 2 intake grate

    anybody got one laying around they don't want or need?
  9. TheBuzzard

    windmill cove instead of miller

    kamakazi chris on his 09 limited sxr instead of his bone stock 07 sxr lol. everybody within a couple hours drive went to the stocton main channel for gregs B day ride. pretty much sucked as far as boat action so watch at your own risk. there is also a part 2 on youtube if you are desperate for more.
  10. TheBuzzard

    WARNING! another miller vid

  11. TheBuzzard

    jet ski inspiration

  12. TheBuzzard

    Freestyle first drink of miller 2018

    kamakazi chris made it to miller for the first time on sunday. it was my first day of riding there this season. I flushed my ski there after ocean trips and test rode some customer junk there, but first day of hanging out.
  13. TheBuzzard

    Surfriding BUZZARD BUILD rickter FR2 evo

    bought this 2014 evo hull a couple years ago for $4200. planned on building a nice surf boat but then I bought that fake rickter from birdman and this got back burnered. I had that red billet pole laying around from that WDK rokR I tore apart. I bought the black tubes since the other tubes were...
  14. TheBuzzard

    pismo pix

  15. TheBuzzard

    drinking miller on fathers day

    kamakazi chris and I had all the miller to ourselves. the boat ramp was so sandy and wasted from the water level dropping, that everybody else was scared to launch and get stuck.
  16. TheBuzzard

    Other BEWARE TheBuzzard is back and watching from above

    I just waned to say thanks to all my friends AKA the knuckleheads that actually wanted me back on here, for voicing their opinion. big kahuna snuck up on me at world finals, bought me a beer and then begged me to come back. well..... the first 2 were true. anyway, i'm back and putting all the...
  17. TheBuzzard


    the molds are built and this will be coming out soon. if you are wanting a fixed steer, you may want to consider this.
  18. TheBuzzard

    superjet / blaster 61X dual 44 mikuni carb setup

    R&d intake manifold and 2 clean 44s with adapters and dual k&N. also new boyesen pro reeds. $400 for more info call 916 334 3786
  19. TheBuzzard

    Blaster UMI top stop gen 1 waveblaster brand new in package

    brand new umi $500 OBO
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