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    Used Carbon exhaust and Waterbox like pfp

    Slightly used, but working fine! Located in Europe 600 US Dollar shipped worldwide Chamber 400 Waterbox 250 Shipped worldwide Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    Used Thrust TI 50mm carbs

    1 year old, comes with spare butterflies and gaskets. 800 US Dollar incl shipping worldwide, located in Europe Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    Freestyle Any

    Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    Freestyle Destroyed Bendix and Starter... Bad alligment?

    Hi My Engine destroyed 2 OEM and 1 China Junk bendix within about 10 hours. The brand new oem Starter is also broken now. What is happening there? Maybe the gears wont fit good? How can i measure or fix it? Iam going to order new Parts now, but if i wont change anything, the engine will destroy...
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    Measure msd pick up -> possible?

    is it possible to measure the pick ups? My Ski will die when i hit throttle. In idle it boogs and dont run Smooth. I have 5 pick ups. Scale to 200 m ohm and 4 Are 0,9-1,0 and 1 is 1.2-1,4. is this a note that is Broken maybe? With spark plugs outside, both fire. Checked Carbs, compression, fuel...
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    Wtb pfp chamber

    Hi Iam searching a pfp chamber. Maybe anybody got one. Mfg Simon Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    Eme 1200 Seetings

    Hi What iginition Timing and which cooling Route are you Running? Mfg Simon Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    EME 1200 Cooling Route

    Hi Can anybody tell me how it should go. 2x Cooling from Pump 2x Intake in Block 2x PFP Manifold bot and top 1x Sprayer in Exhaust 2x Head I dont know how exactly i should connect them. Want to Test now, and want to be sure, that i done it right. MFg Simon
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    Other Repair msd coil???

    Hi Sparks come Out of 1 coil. Maybe the Housing is broken. Can i fix it, or Open it? Can i measure something? Which side need to be grounded? or are both the same? Can i seperate it with silikone or something that the spark cant reach any ground? Do i need to ground the case? Mfg
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    Freestyle NewName Carbon Kdx

    Xscream Carbon Kdx Xscream Pole and Steering Maxx 148 Pump Thrust Trim Power Factory Pipe Msd Total Loss in waterproof box Ballistic Evo 12 in waterproof box Kart Tank Mikuni sbn 46 single carb Blowsion Intake Full ported 701 bad Cylinder bad Piston bad crankshaft old Gaskets I bought this hull...
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    Freestyle Is my portjob ok?

    edit #12 pictures
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    Other Building my own Batterie

    Hi After 2 broken Ballistic, i open one, and look inside. Very poor Quality! The Cellst are ok, but the work on them suxx. Case is not waterproof, Cells connection is :-):-):-):-) too. I try to build a new Case, thats nearly the same then ballistic. But i build a case that i can open so...
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    WTB Top End 900 CC +

    Hi anybody got a used Top end? Pm me what u got. MFg
  14. NewName

    WTB 148 Pump

    Hi iam searching for a complete 148 Pump. Or parts to build a 148 Pump. should fit in a Sj Send me Pm what u got
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    Freestyle Steering Parts

    H Is it possible to get them alone? Need only this 4 parts to connect the cable to Steering and Nozzle. I have the cable, but not the connection parts MFg
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    Used Custom Superjet

    Superjet 1999 12 cm cut Rocker Nose Wide Tray Footholds Handlepole Wamilton Hood Low Bracket Pole Spring Limiting Rope 1x 800 gph, 1x 500 Rule Technik full ported 760er 2x 48 Novis R&D Intake Vforce 2 Reeds Msd Total Loss in waterproof Box Ballistic Evo 12 Power Factory Pipe and Waterbox...
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    Freestyle Is this 48 or 46 novi

    Hi Got Double novis. Their on Top 51 and bottom 48. but their is a 46-47 throttle Plate. Are this 48 or 46 novis ?
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    Novi rebuild Parts

    Hi I Need 2 x rebuild kits 2 x shaft rebuild kits 2x 48mm throttle paddle 60 Main Jet 2x 130 High Jet 2x 120 Low Jet Price include shipping to Germany.
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    Freestyle Superjet vibrations (Video)

    Where can this Come from, and how do i Start to search? Its only in this rpm. Over this, it Runs normal without vibrations
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    Freestyle Can u help me to Tune my Engine right?

    Hi I have a 760 Full ported Engine Crankcase ist ported also. 48 novis with 135/135 hi/Low Power Factory pipe Vforce 2 reeds Msd total loss Protec Head Domes -> dont know Compression -> dont know 95 Octan Total loss is installed at 25 degree before tdc, all Other msd Jumper are untouched...
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