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  1. Roseand

    Novi 48 damage-fixable?

    Ive been trying to reach Tim at novi but haven't had much luck. Throttle plates are like new but there is still play in the inner bore. The novis are bored very thin towards one side of the bore so I figure someone here has seen this before. The plates have started to break away the metal by...
  2. Roseand

    62t boyesen reeds, intake manifold, angled reed spacer

    1.760 intake manifold with crossover filled and surfaced. Comes with speedplate, 2 44mm carb base gaskets, 2 speedplate gaskets and 1 manifold gasket 70$ shipped 2.New 62t boyesen fiberglass dual stage reeds on stock cages 80$ shipped 3.R&D angled reed spacer and gasket 80$ shipped Will do...
  3. Roseand

    NEW MSD total loss with lightened flywheel

    Brand new, complete kit purchased from Powerhouse Performance. Never been mounted, only out of box for pictures and to have flywheel lightened. New Flywheel lightened, drilled, ring gear pinned by #zero. Comes with drilled and tapped mounting plate. 1400 shipped CONUS
  4. Roseand

    Php898 Pump gas domes

    Anybody have a set?
  5. Roseand

    Limitedslip scupperbox

    Anybody have one for sale?
  6. Roseand

    Yamaha 148mm pump

    What's out there?
  7. Roseand

    NEW LPW 727 1650$ shipped

    Engine: CLEAN 61x cylinder and 64x cases Fresh 82.5mm bore with sudco pistons Freestyle ported cylinder New hot rods crankshaft with koyo bearings OEM wrist pin bearings and crank seals New ADA girdled head with 34cc domes with bling bolts LPW did the boring and porting, I did assembly. Passes...
  8. Roseand

    New New mod b pipe with ported manifold/07 waterbox

    Better than new! Purchased new from FPP, manifold was ported to 61x gasket and polished(pics show before and after) and tapped for dual cooling. Top fitting on head pipe replaced with straight barb instead of elbow. Comes with everything, hardware, clamps, coupler etc. Also have a super clean...
  9. Roseand


  10. Roseand

    Want to Buy Laydown pipe setup

    New or used. Lemme know what you've got. Thanks!
  11. Roseand

    Oem 701 starter

    Looking for a clean one.
  12. Roseand

    Want to Buy Pole bracket rubber boot

    For stock superjet size bracket. Was told a Kawi 440/550 would work too
  13. Roseand

    WTB 701 starter brushes and cable stud assembly( just the 2 brushes piece)

    Have a starter with mint brushes but the piece in the upper left broke internally. Looking to see if someone has just the upper left in the picture piece of an oem starter that still has good brushes. Thanks!
  14. Roseand

    Want to Buy OEM 96-07 superjet waterbox or quiet aftermarket

    Looking for an Oem 96-07 SJ waterbox or an aftermarket if it's not loud.
  15. Roseand

    B pipe

    Looking for a b pipe with mod superjet chamber. New or used. Lemme know whatcha got!
  16. Roseand

    Case oil channel damaged

    Went to clean up some cases I bought and discovered this. The area is still recessed some even though it's hard to tell from the pics. Is this going to be an issue? Worried the oil could roll off the backside instead of making it into the hole.
  17. Roseand

    WTB stock stroke 701 crank

    Looking for New WSM, New rebuilt(not sbt) or New OEM Lemme know whatcha got. Thanks!
  18. Roseand

    85mm Bored 62t 144mm trim nozzle

    Looking for one before I send one out to get done. Thanks!
  19. Roseand

    (3) NEW Boyesen RAD valves

    Brand new. 300 shipped for all 3
  20. Roseand

    Removing cured epoxy

    I have an intake manifold with the crossover filled that I want to redo. Is there a solvent I can soak it in to soften it/Debond it? Heat? It's an oem 760 manifold so if I have to grind it out I'll just pickup a new manifold. Just seeing if there's an easier solution. I believe it's either JB...
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