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  1. mxwilbs


    2012 Rickter XFS, complete ski that was just reassembled last year by patch motors. Won’t find a cleaner Hull for the year, always treated like new! A lot of goodies but a few to mention RRP pole setup, Torrent Pump 148 setback, Thrust trim with aluminum nozzle, Dasa 865, 46s Fullspecs, MSD...
  2. mxwilbs

    SOLD 2015 Rage Composite Works Havoc - Fiberglass. **SOLD**

    Have a 2015 fiberglass Havoc for sale. Hull comes with whats pictured, Pole bracket, Pole bolt, Bilge and pisser fittings, Ebox mounts, Hood latch and mounts, Mini drain, Carbon ride plate, Intake grate and exhaust deflector. With everything stated on the hull it weighs in at 109lbs, pictures...
  3. mxwilbs

    SOLD Factory Bpipe with TNT Chamber

    Like the title states, have a bpipe for sale with a true TNT chamber. It's a 62t manifold that is tapped for Dual cooling. The head pipe was sandblasted and painted with hammer enamel. All three screws do turn freely as you can see in the pictures they are currently loose. Includes True TNT...
  4. mxwilbs

    SOLD 1996 Yamaha Superjet Stock Unmolested $2700

    This is my ad on craigslist: If you have any questions or would like more photos just let me know. Asking $3600 obo currently but willing to work with someone on here. Willing to drive an hour or so to help with delivery(ski is in Rochester...
  5. mxwilbs

    SOLD 2004 Superjet Hull in Rochester NY

    I have a 2004 Superjet hull that has been collecting dust for awhile now. Need to make room for new projects so this has got to go. 2004 stock Superjet hull that has footholds, which would need to be finished with some glass work. Stock gel cost is in good shape, bottom sides where painted...
  6. mxwilbs

    SOLD Wet Jet pipe Price Reduced

    I have a Wet Jet pipe that came off a fresh water ski. Everything is there besides the bolts that hold the bracket. What you see in the pictures is what will come with it. It's in excellent shape and would make a great addition to any motor for the price. Looking to get $150.00 plus shipping in...
  7. mxwilbs

    SOLD Yamaha bed plates

    I have two sets of Yamaha bed plates. They are in good shape. Hardware is not included. Looking for 25$ a pair plus shipping.
  8. mxwilbs

    SOLD West Coast head for Yamaha

    I have a used west coast head for a Yamaha based motor. It does have interchangeable domes. It currently has 29cc 650 domes in it( I don't have any 701 domes). It uses a stock head gasket. Looking for $60.00$ shipped CONUS. If you have any questions please ask.
  9. mxwilbs

    SOLD ATP single carb manifold

    I have a very lightly used ATP single carb intake manifold. Manifold only no attachments or hardware with it. Looking for $175.00 shipped CONUS. If you have any questions please ask.
  10. mxwilbs

    Used Bracket W/Xmetal pinch bolts

    Pole-sold Chin pad- sold Bracket w/pinch bolts- for sale $90 Shipped CONUS. The chin pad could use a new turf job as it is faded and peeling around the edges. The bracket is NOT an Xmetal one but it does include Xmetal pole bolts. Any questions please ask.
  11. mxwilbs

    SOLD Xmetal adjustable steering system and bars

    I have a used xmetal adjustable steering system with the bars. It does come with the steering perch too. The bearings are there and usable but would recommend getting new ones. Looking to get $125.00 shipped CONUS. Any questions please ask. Price reduced to 100$ shipped CONUS(1/8/16).
  12. mxwilbs

    SOLD LPW 61x Big Bore top end Price Reduced

    I have had this for awhile now sitting on my bench and just can't get around to using it. I wish I could put it together but no time and no money can be a problem. I picked it up a couple years back from a x member who pulled it off a running ski. One of the Pistons let go and was replaced with...
  13. mxwilbs

    SOLD 61x cylinder, Price Reduced. Sold

    Have a 61x cylinder that could use a sandblast/paint and possibly get away with a hone but would recommend a bore.Looking for 100$ shipped CONUS plus PayPal fees/gift. Update(12/21/15) Price dropped to 90$ shipped CONUS plus paypal fees/gifted.
  14. mxwilbs

    SOLD ATP Epic HX3 Brand New, Price Reduced.

    I have a brand new epic hx3 that I bought and ended up selling the motor I was gonna use it on so I no longer need it. It still in the original packaging and was never even mounted or pulled out of box. Would like to get 400$ Shipped CONUS, plus PayPal fees/gifted. Thanks for looking any...
  15. mxwilbs

    Want to Buy Superjet Mod chamber or Limited Wanted

    I have a nynja style chamber for a bpipe and i am looking to switch to a Mod chamber for a superjet. Let me know what you have, doesnt have to be perfect, willing to trade old chamber.
  16. mxwilbs

    SOLD Trinity Composites Matrix ES uniquely built -7 w/hull ext SOLD

    3/30/15 ******SOLD******** I have a Matrix ES that was specially built with flat water in mind. It is a -7 that also comes with 3 inch extensions. It is made of fiberglass and is lighter the the normal ES that Bobby makes. The build quality is amazing as most trinity composite hulls are! I...
  17. mxwilbs

    SOLD Dasa 1100 16 mil, all Billet anodized red! SOLD

    I have a lightly used dasa 1100 16 mil. assembled by dasa. Full billet cases, dasa intake, vforce reeds, billet flywheel cover( has small scuff from tank mount ). Everything is anodized red to match, and the bedplates painted to match. New top end in the last 5 hours ( preventative maintenance...
  18. mxwilbs

    Used Price Reduced, Yamaha superjet westcoast head

    REDUCED PRICES 5/15/14, Prices no longer include shipping it will have to be added on. I have some parts I need to clear out of my garage to make room for some new ones. If you have any other questions please ask me and I will try to get back to you asap. Thanks for looking. I would help you...
  19. mxwilbs

    SOLD Solas Mag Pump complete with drive shaft and freestyle cone, lightly used!

    I have a 144 solas mag pump for sale with the drive shaft and stubby freestyle cone. I will also include the stock cone that comes with it and the box it came in. This was used in my ski this summer very lighty in fresh water. Bearings are perfect and never had one issue with them, they spin...
  20. mxwilbs

    SOLD Complete brand new xmetal trim with needed steering nozzle, price drop again!

    Hey guys, i have a brand new never used xmetal trim kit that I am selling. It comes with everything you need to bolt it right into your ski. I have a waveraider nozzle that I sand blasted to paint but never did, so you can paint it any color you want. If you have any questions please ask. I am...
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