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  1. kinevac

    Blowsion ovp steering help.

    Was an idiot, and was taking the center bolts out of the blowsion ovp steering I ordered and the parts fell out. Does anybody know the correct order that the washers and needle bearings go in. There are 4 washers and 2 needle bearings. Thanks.
  2. kinevac

    Ovp steering system

    Looking to see what people have available for used ovp steering systems. Not looking for specific brand but I do want it to be in good to excellent shape. Please message me with price and pictures thanks.
  3. kinevac


    Needing to know what model and year of watercraft this starter relay came off of. Thanks.
  4. kinevac


    ATP v3 light weight pole ( excellent condition) ATP chin pad ( good condition) RRP steering system (good condition) RRP tall 50mm raised handle bars ( good condition) Atp crush bolt Pole bolt Atp tubes are orange, I out some black vinyl on them, easily removable. $1035 shipped.
  5. kinevac

    Price drop (235.00) RRP 144 flow guard

    RRP 144 flowguard, brand new never used. Has one chip on the edge. Box somehow got flipped upside down and it fell onto the shop floor. Retails for 379. I am wanting $300 shipped, buyer handled PayPal fee.
  6. kinevac

    RRP rear tank

    Looking for an rrp rear fuel tank wanting to do trade or partial trade possibly for my..... RRP 144/148 flowguard (new) RRP raised handle bars (used) ATP lightweight handle pole with atp mini steering (very good condition). I also have sone stock Yamaha parts.
  7. kinevac

    Arkansas riders.

    I may be moving in the near future to Arkansas just seeing if there are some people who like to ride table Rock or Beaver lake area. Going to hopefully make a trip to ride the area this season if my hull ever gets done.
  8. kinevac


    Needing a set of complete reeds and cages for a 760 motor. Asap
  9. kinevac

    1994 waveblaster 1 fs/ft

    1994 waveblaster 1 For sale $2200 or trades for a 155 or 160. Setback mag pump, or a nice 2 seater sit down. The ski runs fine but could use a little tuning and body could use some tlc but otherwise a solid ski. Currently has v-force 3 reeds on it can be included for extra $200, otherwise I...
  10. kinevac


    Curious if anyone knew the length difference between the thrust ez pull cable and the x'scream cable. Specifically if the thrust cable will work with the x-scream system.
  11. kinevac

    For Trade No longer needed

    I have a new set of v-force 3 reeds with zero hours, installed on ski but never ran. I want to trade for an x-scream trim system (cable, trim ring and fittings) I don't need reduction or turn nozzle. TRADE ONLY, I DONT WANT TO SELL. thanks guys.
  12. kinevac


    As title states, I am looking for some clean/mint dual 44's (preferably 2nd gen and matching) off of a 760 motor. With or without reeds. Thanks
  13. kinevac


    I am needing a used good condition msd total loss trigger plate (two pickup, or multi channel only) thanks.
  14. kinevac

    SOLD atp ts2

    Up for grabs I have a very clean atp ts2 flame total loss system in and enclosed billet atp ebox. The flywheel, pickup plate, and pickup have 2 seasons on them and are in good shape. Also included is the software cd and the programming cable. The setup worked great on my ported 701 setup but...
  15. kinevac

    Start stop switch housing

    Need some help, I swear I saw somewhere, someone producing an aluminum, start stop switch housing, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Point me in the right direction please.
  16. kinevac

    Memorial day

    Going to be in Osage beach area lake of the ozarks this weekend looking for some people to ride with. Let me know if you will be around. Thanks.
  17. kinevac

    turf padding buildup

    I am seeing a lot of skii's these days with the turf padding built up really tall on the back of the tray. Is there a specific purpose to this, and has anyone noticed much of a difference? I am currently getting ready to lay the padding out for my tray and was just curious. Attached are some...
  18. kinevac

    13/18 or 14/19 skat impeller for 144 pump

    as title says looking for a used 13/18 or 14/19 skat or hooker impeller sized for 144 pump. thanks
  19. kinevac

    New topic of current thread (under padding thickness ranges)

    Needing help from the public. Working on a jet ski related part directly effected by the amount of under padding people are running in there trays, and need to get a general range of how thick people like it. Primarily looking for Krash, or Rickter riders hulls. but any information will be...
  20. kinevac


    $800 cash value / $1000 trade value -solas 140 mag pump -13/17 solas prop -aluminum pump shoe -tbm intake grate -solas trim system and nozzle. non ski trade items: supermoto bike, dirt bike 250cc or bigger, 4 wheeler (4 stroke no banshee's), smaller puckup, off road toys. ski parts trade ...
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