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    WTB beach cart big foot aqua cart

    WTB a stand up bigfoot or aquacart. In Michigan or Ohio, Kentucky, Tenn area preferably off i75

    Ada pipe mounting bracket question

    Ada sells two brackets. One for girdle and one for std. what is the difference? Bolt clearance? thickness? yes I did call ada Many times. Nobody has answered I'm ordering one for UMI/GREATER style head from the 2000's

    RD DUAL synchro-wave ECWI instructions wanted

    I need the instructions for the RD "DUAL SOLENOID" Synchro-wave ECWI. Normally there is a sticker on the back of the lid. Mine is gone. They made a single version and I have a copy of that. Maybe it is same and turns on both at same time? Have not installed to test Thank you

    38mm SBN questions (NOT OEM's)

    Has anyone ever used on seen the Mikuni 38mm SBN carb? I see them on ebay and online but I've never actually seen one in person. Curious: What blades are in them? anyone have a set? Did they ever sell? Thanks

    SOLD R&D SJ wetpipe - Setup for Pro-Am Ski Spec wetpipe rules

    R&D Wetpipe – one of the most desired/sought after SJ Ski Spec pipes for racing. This pipe chamber has been modified for more tuning and durability. The stinger was modified to 44mm for more hit. Included is a 41mm insert to return to original size. The chamber has had two patches welded on...

    SOLD For Sale: Pro-Tec Mach 2 exhaust - Ski Spec wet race pipe or Sport Spec

    Pro-tec Mach 2 exhaust - one of the best legal SJ Ski Spec wetpipes ever made for racing. Basically a legal wetpipe that is close to dry pipe performance. This pipe isn’t well known but those who know it know its maybe the best wetpipe ever made. The water isn’t injected into the chamber until...

    Engine WTB: 35cc Yamaha UMI/Protec style domes (not ada) see picture

    Looking to buy 2 Yamaha 701 35cc domes. They were advertised 82mm/35cc. I’m looking for the style in the picture. New Blowsion ones are different These domes fit the following heads: Protec, UMI, Greater Yamaha, Speedwerx, Prodesign, Watcon, Wamiltons, Rius, JSU, Kommander, East Coast...

    Other WTB 08+ SJ pump nozzle 62t

    Wanted to buy or trade 2008-2019 Superjet pump nozzle. 62t. Can be complete assembly or just the nozzle. Please PM

    Engine 760 stator 64x

    For sale 64x 760 stator assembly. One wire soldered. (I had a TNT water injection soldered in). $60 shipped in USA

    SOLD Dual 44mm Mikuni’s

    Yamaha OEM 44mm carbs setup as duals. 118mm centerline (Yamaha) or 120mm (Kawasaki) 3 hole transition carbs with 12 degree plates (NOT GP760’s) One plate & shaft brand new OEM Mikuni to convert from single to dual. New gaskets in the pumps – completely rebuild this Christmas. New OEM mikuni 2.0...

    Want to Buy ATP epic hx3 software and cable

    WTB epic hx3 software and cable. Cable most important

    Want to Buy Vilder software, cable, and noise filter?

    WTB. Vilder cdi to of cable and software. Yamaha I have the Yamaha and Kawasaki files on a pc but could use the CD or Floppy Cable is needed too Also Vilder released a filter, believe it’s a diode?, to prevent spikes that caused cdi failures

    Blaster How much paint required for Blaster?

    Ordering paint for a 94' WaveBlaster. Only doing the top deck (all the purple/black) and the sides. Leaving bottom, rear, and tunnel OEM white. Its purple and painting it blue with a spray gun. Primer Color Clear

    Ed Brazina contact info? (Full Spectrum)

    Does Ed still work at Full Spec? I tried calling. I would like to contact him about something . Does he have an email? or is still good? Thank you

    Timing light

    My timing light just quit, and I’m looking for a replacement to check the ignition timing on my Yamaha Superjet MX bikes, and high rpm kart motors Most timing lights on the market wont work correctly, as they aren’t an inductive style light. Even then, it has to be an excellent quality...

    SOLD 61x stator,wheel,cdi

    Absolute mint condition 61x flywheel, stator, and cdi. Came out of a ski that I bought that has been in storage in the local marina since 1997. Ski ran great this year. $125 + shipping

    SOLD 38mm taper bore carbs

    Selling set of 38mm taper bore carbs and parts. Don’t know who did them. They have chokes removed and primer fittings installed. Got them with a ski years ago. Functionally they look like they should work. No stripped threads Parts missing. Some screws, needle seats and few other small...

    SOLD New NIB billet freestyle pump cone. 144/155mm

    Brand new in box billet Yamaha freestyle cone. Fits 144/155 mm pumps $45 shipped in USA

    SOLD New NIB 144mm solas 12v pump (mag)

    Brand new in box solas 12v 144mm pump $350 firm shipped in USA

    SOLD New NIB Hooker impeller 9/15

    Brand new in box Hooker 9/15 with tool and seal. $225 shipped in USA Pm
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